Each year, we publish an Annual Report, providing a summary financial report, an overview of the year and what lies ahead, and well-deserved recognition of our donors. To view our previous annual reports, use the links below.

Once again this year, NMC’s annual report is fully digital, presented as a standalone website offering photos, videos, infographics and stories to provide a year in review of our organization. The report starts with a focus on quality, a central theme of our work this year. It also covers how we’ve strengthened our infrastructure. A key feature of the report is a section covering our work on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. You can also read about:

  • New providers
  • Patient success stories
  • Fun in and around NMC
  • Our financial position

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We are excited to share NMC’s digital annual report which this year features information about our ongoing ED Renovation Project. The site can be found at www.nmcannualreport.com and offers interactive features, videos, photos and stories. You’ll learn about infrastructure advances, our High Reliability journey, read patient care stories and review our fiscal year finances. 

New this year, we included short provider videos on topics like foot care, audiology, surgery technology and more.

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This year’s digital Annual Report introduces our pursuit of a High Reliability framework, a recommitment to our mission of providing exceptional care. The financial data in the 2021 report shows NMC’s navigation of significant financial turnaround to return the hospital to sustainability. 

In addition you will find highlights and happenings at the hospital, new providers, and of course – impactful patient stories. 

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Once again this year, NMC’s annual report is digital, formatted as a website. The site can be found at www.nmcannualreport.com with information on our COVID-19 response, a Q & A with new CEO Dr. Dean French, a review of our turbulent year, lists of new providers, highlights of happenings, financial numbers, donors and more.

Of particular interest this year is a series of 10 short video segments focused on NMC’s COVID-19 response in the spring of 2020. 

The videos are powerful interviews with some of the people involved in our response. They pay tribute to the courage and dedication of our staff, and will give our community a behind-the-scenes look at the strength of our organization during trying times. 

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In 2019, NMC launched a digital annual report, formatted as a website. The site can be found at www.nmcannualreport.com and features patient stories, information on new providers and services at NMC, our investments in preventive healthcare, events, staff recognition and more. The interactive content will draw you in with a video welcome message, drone footage of our campus, turning photos, scrolling lists and live counters. 

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2018 Annual report


The 2018 Annual Report gives our community a glimpse inside NMC with a focus on the exceptional team of staff we have working so tirelessly to deliver exceptional care. Inside, we offer praise to those staff in the heartfelt words of our patients. You’ll also get to meet some of the new faces on our medical staff and learn about the work we did in 2018 to address the community’s highest priority health needs including obesity, mental health and substance abuse. 

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2017 Annual report


The 2017 Annual Report features many examples of NMC’s vision for the future, including the updates to our campus facilities that position us for the future with state-of-the-art designs, a welcoming feeling, and improved accessibility for the community. Read about our work on the top community health needs, including mental health and substance abuse, obesity, smoking, and cancer. We are proud to share our accomplishments and thank our staff who make our mission a reality every day.  

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2016 Annual report


Throughout this annual report, you will find examples of our Board, staff, medical staff, volunteers, donors, and community partners working together to provide the kind of excellence and value in the care we provide which earns national recognition. You will see that our team is actively pursuing partnering to improve the wellbeing of our community. Doing so allows NMC to live our mission of providing exceptional care for our community and positions us to fulfill our vision of being a destination of choice for patients, staff, and medical staff.

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2015 Annual report

2015 annual report

It is our pleasure to present Northwestern Medical Center’s fiscal year 2015 Annual Report. Amidst beautiful artistry from our community (generously provided by Jon Young, Corliss Blakely, Eric Tobin, and John Clarke Olson) is information on NMC’s past performance and our future plans which illustrates our vision of being recognized for value and excellence in healthcare and being an important partner in improving the health of our community.

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2014 Annual report

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.33.04 PM

Welcome to Northwestern Medical Center’s Annual Report for our 2014 Fiscal Year, formatted this year as a 2015 calendar featuring beautiful local images donated by David Juaire, Emerson Lynn, Stina Booth, Jeremy Read and Elodie Reed. We appreciate their talent and generosity! FY’14 was an exciting year as our efforts to improve took many forms: strengthened services, expanded partnerships, improved quality, cost containment, and more.

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2013 Annual report

2013 annual report
To maintain our ability to provide exceptional care, we have been very active at the strategic level:
  • Our Board has approved a new three-year Strategic Plan to guide our path towards a sustainable future. We must improve access and quality while containing and reducing costs.
  • We are in the midst of a Facility Master Planning effort to respond to healthcare reform and the needs of our community. Our facility must support the best of care within both the inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • We are a collaborative leader in a community collaborative on healthy lifestyles. Prevention is imperative, as the best way to reduce costs is to avoid the need for costly intervention.
  • We partner with the Green Mountain Care Board and local legislators to help them understand our community’s needs, our mission, and the impact of various reform efforts.
  • We are a member of One Care Vermont, working to shape the Accountable Care Organization’s design and clinical protocols both locally and regionally, as this may be the core of Vermont’s reformed healthcare system. 
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