Your same trusted healthcare providers, now availablefrom home with telemedicine


With telemedicine technology, NMC providers can offer the same high-quality care to patients and families through virtual visits via phone, computer, and mobile applications. Telemedicine technology gives you access to the providers you know and trust, all from the convenience of your home – or anywhere! 

Services offering telemedicine

How to schedule a telemedicine visit

The process for arranging a telemedicine visit is easy. When scheduling an appointment, the service provider will let you know if a telemedicine visit is an option and give you instructions on how to make the connection, which will use NMC’s Patient Portal Virtual Visit functionality. Here is a link to some instructions for using the Portal to do a Virtual Visit.

Benefits of telemedicine

There are numerous benefits to this type of care. Most importantly it reduces the risk of possible exposure to infectious conditions like COVID-19, flu or RSV for those who can safely receive treatment from home. Additionally, telemedicine visits are done without the need for transportation, increasing access and convenience for patients. The convenience, flexibility and efficiencies of telemedicine also allow providers to see and care for more patients.

Slide Telemedicine is a different way of approaching medical care but it is built on some of the key components we have with a patient encounter—listening to what the patient is experiencing. Dr. Anna Royer, Surgery Slide The pandemic taught us about the huge potential benefits of telemedicine and will help to quickly define its increased future role. Dr. Robert Beattie, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Slide Patients appreciate the opportunity to discuss their current circumstances and seem very receptive to our recommendations and advice. Dr. Robert Beattie, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation What our providers are saying

Frequently asked questions

Will I still be able to see my provider in person if I start using telemedicine?
Absolutely. Rest assured, we will always let you know when we feel an in-person appointment is necessary, there will be no compromises on that front. 

Is this covered by insurance?
Telemedicine is covered. Depending on your insurance coverage, you will be charged your usual co-pay/deductible. Please contact NMC’s Patient Financial Services Team at (802) 524-1048 for additional information.

Are telemedicine visits secure and private?
Yes, your visit is entirely private and properly secure. Please conduct your visits from a private location.

What will I need in order to participate?
For telephone visits, you need access to a phone and a private location to speak with a provider. If you would like a video visit, you will need the following reliable internet connection and a device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) that has video capabilities. You may need the free Zoom app on your device. We will help you understand what you need when you schedule your appointment.