At NMC we appreciate every donation our members are able to provide, allowing us to enhance our hospital and continue to provide a quality service for the community. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call (802) 524-1280.

Opportunities to give

Annual Appeal – Each year, NMC reaches out to the community seeking support for our organization and our staff. A gift to our annual appeal will help us increase our investment in training and professional development, provide improved equipment and make enhancements to their work environment. Click here to donate online. 

Memorial & honor gifts – A charitable donation can be a wonderful, meaningful way to honor a special person. Families and friends have memorialized loved ones. Companies and co-workers have honored retirees. Gifts have been given on behalf of “the person who has everything.” Gifts have been given to fund specific hospital services, which have particular meaning to the donor. These gifts receive special attention in our Annual Report, and may qualify for an engraved Leaf on our Tree of Life.

Tree of life gifts – The Tree of Life is a beautiful maple tree wall sculpture. It is a striking piece of art which displays the names of major donors and those who have been honored by major gifts. The Tree of Life consists of a hand-carved maple trunk and branches. It has 300 engraveable brass “leaves” which commemorate gifts of $1,000 or more. At the base of the tree are 12 engraveable “stones” to honor gifts of $5,000 or more. These gifts may be made as cash donations or as pledges for up to three years.

Planned giving – Through gifts in wills, life insurance policies with the hospital as the benefactor, and other such planned gifts, individuals can ensure that their charitable spirit lives on. Individuals of all income levels can maximize their charitable giving while strategically managing their finances. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the many benefits of planned giving.

Matching gifts – Many employers will match charitable donations made by their employees. Please let us know if your employer will match your gift.

Gifts to special funds

The Martin H. Wennar, MD Health Education Fund – The NMC Health Professions Scholarship Program Benefit Dinner began in 1987 to support the creation of the Health Education Fund. This fund provides scholarships to youth, in our community, who are seeking careers in the health care field. In 2003, the Health Education Fund was renamed after Dr. Wennar, in honor of his long standing commitment to encouraging health professions through scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to students entering health careers based on scholastic record and community service. For more information about applying for a scholarship from this fund, call Kate Laddison at (802) 524-1239. To donate to this fund online, click here

The Jim Bashaw Cancer & Catastrophic Illness Fund – When Jim Bashaw died in August of 2000 from brain cancer, the loss affected not only his family and friends, but the entire community. In honor of Jim’s memory, a fund was established to provide financial assistance to residents of Franklin & Grand Isle Counties who are experiencing catastrophic illness from cancer or other causes.

Purpose: Distributions from the Fund include, but are not limited to, supporting the hospital’s ability to provide financial assistance to residents of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties who are experiencing catastrophic illness from cancer or other causes. To apply for Bashaw Funds, click here. 

The NMC Community Fund – This fund is availble to community members and organizations who support the health of people who experience barriers to care and well-being. Patients with chronic conditions can work with the Community Health Team to apply for funds to pay for expenses related to medical needs. You can contact the Community Health Team through your primary care provider, or email Denise Smith at NMC.