Hospitality is not just for hotels anymore. It is our job to make patients feel comfortable and reduce stress, and that includes providing tremendous personal attention to our patients. If you are not finding what you are looking for please let our staff know.

Patient room service

Courtyard Café menu » Within 40 minutes of an order, a freshly prepared meal will be delivered.

For patients who need assistance placing food orders due to dietary restrictions or other reasons, a Menu Host will visit the patients’ rooms to help make food selections. Our chefs and culinary team prepare delicious, healthy, “room service” meals so our patients can choose (within dietary guidelines, of course) what they would like to eat, how much they want, and when they would like it! With daily Chef specials and frequent fresh local produce, our meals draw rave reviews while supporting our patients’ healing.

Focus on nutrition


Recovery is more positive when patients get the nutrition their bodies need. Our chef team works in cooperation with the hospital’s dietitians to develop patient menus designed to meet the specific dietary needs of patients in a hospital, while still providing tasty, satisfying food. Special requests are our pleasure.