Medical executive team

The NMC Medical Staff is made up of more than 80 active staff physicians and more than 200 other physicians, dentists, and medical providers who have privileges at the hospital. The Medical Staff is led by the Medical Executive Committee consisting of officers and service chiefs. The Medical Staff officers are elected by the full medical staff and the service chiefs are determined by the physicians within each service.

Current NMC Medical Executive Committee Membership:

Michael Kennedy, MD, President/Chair

Thomas Harrison, MD, Vice President

R. “Donny” Khela, MD, Secretary

John Mindaeo, MD, Chief of Emergency Service / Immediate Past President (Ex Officio)

Julian Ferris, MD – Chief, Inpatient Medicine Service

Stephen Mason, MD, Chief of Surgical Service

Toby Sadkin, MD – Chief, Outpatient Medicine Service

Stacy Strouse, MD, Chief of Pediatric Service

Michael Barnum, MD, Member at Large

L. Lowrey Sullivan, MD, CMO (Ex Officio)

Jill Berry Bowen, CEO (Ex Officio)