Patient stories

Read our stories and go on a health journey with a few of our featured patients. From restored vision to new knees to a saved life, we are proud to share these stories and how NMC was able to provide positive life changes for so many patients and their families.  Thank you for entrusting your care at Northwestern Medical Center. Share your story here »

Autumn’s wonderful experience

When Autumn Reilly gave birth by Caesarian section earlier this month her newborn son, Christopher, was gently placed on her chest. “It was really nice for us to still have that bonding moment,” she said. Traditionally, mothers who had Caesarian sections were taken to the post-surgical unit to recover while their babies went to the Family Birth Center nursery, explained Scott Bork, director of Surgical Services at NMC. “A lot of work went into changing things,” he said. Now mothers and babies are able to connect right after birth and remain together in the hospital. Read the Reilly’s full story »

New knee for Peter

Peter DesLauriers spent a decade in pain from a knee injury he suffered in college. This injury led him to Dr. Robert Beattie, a surgeon with Northwestern Orthopaedics, with whom Peter established a strong relationship. “His friendly professionalism instills confidence,” Peter says, to the point where he felt he wasn’t just seeing a doctor, but getting care from a trusted friend.

Back to work for Tammy

Tammy Laframboise delivers mail on a rural route in Jericho, a job she’s done for three decades and one she loves. When she was hit by another car head-on this last fall, she feared the resulting injury would mean she’d have to give up her job, and maybe that she’d never drive without anxiety again. After work with Physical Therapist Lori Deering, Laframboise got back to work quicker than she thought possible, feeling stronger and more confident than she ever had.  Read Tammy’s full story »

Restored Vision for Lee

Lee Berthiaume was snowmobiling in 1970 when he hit a branch which forcefully struck his left eye. He was treated at the time, but his injured lens slowly deteriorated over several decades. Earlier this year, Lee contacted Northwestern Ophthalmology for help after suffering considerable pressure and pain. Dr. Brophey performed emergency cataract surgery on Lee’s eye to fully replace his lens, which had liquefied. To Lee’s delight, his vision and depth-perception are now back, four decades after that fateful night.  Watch Lee’s full story »

Great Leaps for Alisha

Alisha Sawyer is an outdoor enthusiast so, when she felt a sharp, grinding pain in her knee when training, she was concerned. She was referred to NMC physical therapist Herk Dunsmore who quickly identified that Alisha’s left foot was over pronating, causing her right knee stress and pain. With treatment, taping techniques, and at home exercises, Alisha recovered — so much so that she was able to successfully compete in the grueling, obstacle-ridden, 12 mile Spartan Beast Race up Killington Mountain.

Early Detection for Wendy

Wendy Campbell of Swanton has always been diligent about attending her annual physical. Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened; her mammogram indicated she had a lump so small that it could not yet be felt. Her physician, Dr. Frank Zsoldos, immediately set up an appointment with a local general surgeon, and within three days, her surgery at NMC was complete. It’s too early to declare victory, but for now, the cancer is in remission. 

Special connection for the Jarvis’s

The soldiers of the US Army’s 131st Engineering Company had decided ahead of time; they would all sacrifice their personal internet time for their buddy Kevin, whose wife was expecting their first child. This allowed Kevin, with a little help from the Family Birth Center nurses and the IT folks at Northwestern Medical Center, to experience the birth of his daughter Payton while on duty in Iraq, half a world away.