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Welcome to Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Our staff is ready to help assist those living with heart disease and lung conditions. Both our rehabilitation programs take phased approaches to work with you at your own pace. Our programs take place in our first-floor gym located in the Cobblestone Health Commons building where you will work with skilled Physical Therapists, Nurses and Athletic Trainers. 

Cardiac Rehab

Northwestern Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program serves individuals living with heart disease. Cardiac Rehab consists of four phases.

  • Phase I takes place in the hospital immediately following a cardiac event.
  • Phases II and III of Cardiac Rehabilitation offer services on an outpatient basis in our gym in the Cobblestone Health Commons building on NMC’s campus. Phases II and III involve supervised exercise, but differ in scope.
  • Phase IV of cardiac rehabilitation refers to patient’s self-management of their condition. The goal is to maintain the lifestyle changes made in phases II and III.

An order from your doctor is required before beginning any Cardiac Rehab. It is also recommended that you have a stress test before starting. Call our Cardiac Rehab office at 524-8428 with any questions, or if you would like help in coordinating your care.

We work closely with Northwestern Cardiology and other provider offices and are happy to help.  

Pulmonary Rehab

Pulmonary Rehabilitation at NMC also consists of a phased approach.

  • Phase I: A Physical Therapist (PT) will complete an evaluation and develop a treatment plan with you to improve your functional breathing patterns and how you perform your daily activities. Treatment in this phase is one-on-one with a PT and prepares you to be successful in a group setting / Phase II.
  • Phase II: This group program meets three days a week and is designed to reduce symptoms, increase participation in physical and social activities, and improve the overall quality of life for patients with chronic respiratory disease. 
  • Phase III: For a small monthly fee, Pulmonary Rehabilitation equipment is available to patients who have completed Phase II and wish to continue with their program under the supervision of a healthcare professional and with other people who have completed the Pulmonary, Cardiac or Oncology Rehabilitation Program.


We work closely with Northwestern Pulmonology – learn more about them online here.



Key services

  • Cardiac education
  • Cardiac support
  • Chronic respiratory disease
  • COPD
  • Heart attack recovery
  • Heart condition management
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Heart surgery recovery
  • Lung health education
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Supervised medical exercise
  • Wellness coaching


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