Free care & discount policy

Northwestern Medical Center provides financial assistance programs to community member patients who cannot pay for all or part of the care they received. 

Financial assistance is available to all individuals who receive emergent care, and to individuals with a primary residence in Vermont (people who live in Vermont for longer than six months a year), who meet certain income and asset guidelines. Patients requesting financial assistance are required to complete an application and provide various financial information, including proof of income.

Patients will be notified in writing as to their approval status within 15 days of receipt of a complete application. It is expected that as part of the financial assistance approval process, patients will cooperate in applying for Medicaid or other health and welfare programs as appropriate. Individuals eligible for financial assistance cannot be charged more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically-necessary care.

How To Apply:

Click the link below to download a copy of the financial aid application. 

Northwestern Medical Center’s financial aid application »

Financial assistance applications are also available at any registration area or from our Financial Counselor located at the front of the hospital. If you need assistance with NMC’s financial assistance application process or with applying for other assistance and insurance programs, please contact our Financial Counselor at (802) 524-1006.

For a copy of this plain language summary, click here. NOTE: Individuals eligible for financial assistance cannot be charged more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically-necessary care.

For a copy of the full Patient Financial Assistance policy, click here

For a copy of the Billing and Collection Practices policy, click here

Additional programs

NMC diabetes assistance – A program that includes assistance to residents of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties that have a diagnosis of diabetes and that meet certain established criteria. Funding to applicants under this diabetes program is limited to $200 every three months.

NMC cancer or catastrophic assistance – Through the Jim Bashaw Cancer and Catastrophic Illness Fund, financial assistance is granted to support residents of Franklin and Grand Isle Counties in financial need as a result of a diagnosis of cancer or another catastrophic (long-term and resource intensive) health problem. Please note that services rendered at NMC by radiologists and anesthesiologists (including certified registered nurse anesthetists) are from separate entities that are not affiliated with NMC and therefore are not subject to NMC’s financial assistance policy.

Jim Bashaw Cancer and Catastrophic Illness Fund application »

Providers Who Offer Discounted Care

The following providers are covered by our financial assistance policy. 

FullNamePracticeQualifies for Financial Assistance
Arzberger, Lindsay CSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Aydinyan, Kahren KENTYes
Barkley, Dana LPediatric HospitalistsYes
Barkley, Oliver RSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Bates, John CED PhysiciansYes
Beattie, Robert NNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Benoit, Doreen REmployee WellnessYes
Berggren, KirstenSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Blum, Jared AED PhysiciansYes
Boone, Joseph MED PhysiciansYes
Brillhart, Aaron MED PhysiciansYes
Brophey, Gregory JNW OphthalmologyYes
Carpenter, Ann BED PhysiciansYes
Carter, Lucas JED PhysiciansYes
Corbeil, Christine ACardiologyYes
Dandurand, Louis PED PhysiciansYes
Disney, Elizabeth AOB-GYN OfficeYes
Erianne, Diane CSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Forwand Butler, Jodi MED PhysiciansYes
GallantBernstein, Ariel SPediatric HospitalistsYes
Gnass, Matias ROccupational HealthYes
Goehlert, Uwe GED PhysiciansYes
Groening, David ANorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Higgins, Bridget ASt Albans Urgent CareYes
Holmes, Kamie KNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Hurley, Nolan TNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Japikse, Russell DED PhysiciansYes
Kindred, Kristin BNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Kovacs, Nicholas RED PhysiciansYes
Kutler, Marc SED PhysiciansYes
Lahey, Joseph JED PhysiciansYes
Lyster, Danielle MNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Manchester, Stewart PED PhysiciansYes
Mauser, Nathan SNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
McKnight, Blake CSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Minadeo, John PAdministrationYes
Moran, Colleen CPediatric HospitalistsYes
Newton, Paul MED PhysiciansYes
Nsour, HaithamPulmonologyYes
Oliver, Kristie LSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Pearsall, Miller BED PhysiciansYes
Pelski, Lauren LSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Reilly, Meghan AED PhysiciansYes
Royer, Anna MNW Assoc in SurgeryYes
Russin, Danielle AED PhysiciansYes
Savoy, Jessica KSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Seward, Trevor MNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Shattuck, Katherine EPediatric HospitalistsYes
Sheahan, Kelsey HRotating ClinicsYes
Sisbarro, Megan MNorthwestern OrthopedicsYes
Sprague, Kristen ESt Albans Urgent CareYes
St Clair, Michael RED PhysiciansYes
St Clair, Shaunna FSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Staab, Carly GGeorgia Urgent CareYes
Stoll, Sharon ASt Albans Urgent CareYes
Sullivan, Lawrence LOB-GYN OfficeYes
Timbers, William DED PhysiciansYes
To, Bang CGeorgia Urgent CareYes
Tremblay, LeonardOB-GYN OfficeYes
Walker, Martha JGeorgia Urgent CareYes
Warshaw, Alissa LSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Williams, Ashley NRotating ClinicsYes
Williams, Christopher RED PhysiciansYes
Wilson, Jacqueline LSt Albans Urgent CareYes
Woodhouse, Mary ANW Assoc in SurgeryYes
Yeager, Robert CED PhysiciansYes


Additional information

Green Mountain Care – Vermont offers several options to help people get health insurance coverage. These include Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur, and VHAP-Pharmacy. Together, these programs are called Green Mountain Care. Each program has different eligibility, but Vermonters with incomes up to 300 % of the federal poverty level can qualify. To learn more about these programs go to or call 1-800-250-8427.

Vermont Health Connect – Our Patient Financial Counselor can work with a VT Certified Navigator to help you apply for health insurance through Vermont Health Connect.

Billing assistance

We understand healthcare billing can be a bit complex. Feel free to call our Customer Service team if you have questions.

For either Hospital or Physician billing questions: Call 802-524-1048 and we will be happy to help you. Email Patient Financial Services at [email protected].