Free care & discount policy

Northwestern Medical Center provides financial assistance programs to community member patients who cannot pay for all or part of the care they received. 

Financial assistance is available to all individuals who receive emergent care, and to individuals with a primary residence in Vermont (people who live in Vermont for longer than six months a year), who meet certain income and asset guidelines. Patients requesting financial assistance are required to complete an application and provide various financial information, including proof of income.

Patients will be notified in writing as to their approval status within 15 days of receipt of a complete application. It is expected that as part of the financial assistance approval process, patients will cooperate in applying for Medicaid or other health and welfare programs as appropriate. Individuals eligible for financial assistance cannot be charged more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically-necessary care.

How To Apply:

Click the link below to download a copy of the financial aid application. 

Northwestern Medical Center’s financial aid application »

Financial assistance applications are also available at any registration area or from our Financial Counselor located at the front of the hospital. If you need assistance with NMC’s financial assistance application process or with applying for other assistance and insurance programs, please contact our Financial Counselor at (802) 524-1006.

For a copy of this plain language summary, click here. NOTE: Individuals eligible for financial assistance cannot be charged more than the amounts generally billed (AGB) for emergency or other medically-necessary care.

For a copy of the full Patient Financial Assistance policy, click here

For a copy of the Billing and Collection Practices policy, click here

Additional programs

The NMC Community Fund – This fund is availble to community members and organizations who support the health of people who experience barriers to care and well-being. Patients with chronic conditions can work with the Community Health Team to apply for funds to pay for expenses related to medical needs. You can contact the Community Health Team through your primary care provider, or email Denise Smith at NMC. 

Jim Bashaw Cancer and Catastrophic Illness Fund application »

Providers Who Offer Discounted Care

The following providers are covered by our financial assistance policy. 

NameEmployee NumberJob
Amblo, Jolanta T.10521Hospitalist
Aydinyan, Kahren K.11322Physician ENT
Bates, John C.11911Phy Asst ED P
Beattie, Robert N.12280Orthopaedic Surgeon
Benoit, Doreen R.13095Nurs Prac EE Well
Berggren, Kirsten13774Nurs Prac SAUC
Blum, Jared A.16759Physician ED
Boise, Adam M.16794Nurs Prac ED P
Bond-Webster, Kristen E.70563Phy Asst SAUC
Boone, Joseph M.16816Nurs Prac ED P
Brillhart, Aaron M.17996Physician ED
Brophey, Gregory J.18290Executive Med Dir
Burke, Michele H.19851Hospitalist
Carpenter, Ann B.21215Nurs Prac ED P
Carter, Lucas J.21372Phy Asst ED P
Clack, Meghan C.68328Nurs Prac Hosp
Cochrane, Maria A.22329Nurs Prac Hosp
Dandurand, Louis P.27900Med Dir Emergency Dept
Decker, Andrea L.27921Phy Asst SAUC
Disney, Elizabeth A.28941Physician OB
Dosanjh, Ashlea R.29842Audiologist
Erianne, Diane C.31832Phy Asst SAUC
Forwand Butler, Jodi M.33398Physician ED
Fox, Amy M.33613Nurs Prac Hosp
GallantBernstein, Ariel S.35442Physician Ped Hosp
Gay, Jessie A.35777Nurs Prac SAUC
Gnass, Matias R.36258Physician Occ Hlth
Goehlert, Uwe G.36275Physician ED
Groening, David A.37793Podiatrist
Higgins, Bridget A.39922Phy Asst ED P
Holmes, Kamie K.40542Nurs Prac Ortho
Hurley, Nolan T.41915Phy Asst Ortho
Jokinen, Brian L.42687Phy Asst SAUC
Kaplan, Ludmila43531Hospitalist
Khela, Rajvinder S.44598Hospitalist
Kindred, Kristin B.44666Podiatrist
Kovacs, Nicholas R.45936Physician ED
Kutler, Marc S.46525Physician ED
Lahey, Joseph J.46668Physician ED
Lowell, Jane A.49981Physician OB
Lyster, Danielle M.28934Phy Asst Ortho
Manahan, JoAnn L.51900Dir Emergency Services
Manchester, Stewart P.51950Physician ED
Mauser, Nathan S.53668Orthopaedic Surgeon
Moran, Colleen C.50471Physician Ped Hosp
Navi, Liel58061Physician OB
Neff, Brenda J.58069Nurs Prac Ped Hosp
Newton, Paul M.58119Physician ED
Niles, Christopher58305Physician ED
Nollet, Zachary W.58424Phy Asst SAUC
Nsour, Haitham58487Pulmonologist
Oliver, Kristie L.58886Phy Asst SAUC
Osborne, Patrick J.59651Nurs Prac SAUC
Paquin, Beth A.59859Nurs Prac Cardio
Pearsall, Miller B.61043Physician ED
Pelski, Lauren L.61109Phy Asst SAUC
Reilly, Meghan A.44580Nurs Prac Ped Hosp
Robison, Andrew A.66775Phy Asst SAUC
Rosenberg, Benjamin N.67451Physician Ortho
Royer, Anna M.67516General Surgeon
Russin, Danielle A.67883Phy Asst ED P
Seward, Trevor M.68366Phy Asst Ortho
Shattuck, Katherine E.68467Nurs Prac Ped Hosp
Sheahan, Kelsey H.68481Physician Rota Cl
Shenk, Heather V.68503Hospitalist
Sisbarro, Megan M.69154Phy Asst Ortho
St Clair, Michael R.70619Phy Asst ED P
Stoll, Sharon A.71109Physician SAUC
Sullivan, Lawrence L.72585Physician OB
Timbers, William D.76489Physician ED
To, Bang C.77256Phy Asst GUC
Tremblay, Leonard78065Physician OB
Walker, Martha J.79640Phy Asst GUC
Williams, Ashley N.81558Phy Asst Rota Cl
Williams, Christopher R.81563Physician ED
Wilson, Jacqueline L.81653Phy Asst SAUC
Woodhouse, Mary A.82460General Surgeon
Yeager, Robert C.83293Physician ED


Additional information

Green Mountain Care – Vermont offers several options to help people get health insurance coverage. These include Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur, and VHAP-Pharmacy. Together, these programs are called Green Mountain Care. Each program has different eligibility, but Vermonters with incomes up to 300 % of the federal poverty level can qualify. To learn more about these programs go to or call 1-800-250-8427.

Vermont Health Connect – Our Patient Financial Counselor can work with a VT Certified Navigator to help you apply for health insurance through Vermont Health Connect.

Billing assistance

We understand healthcare billing can be a bit complex. Feel free to call our Customer Service team if you have questions.

For either Hospital or Physician billing questions: Call 802-524-1048 and we will be happy to help you. Email Patient Financial Services at [email protected].