Caring for our community dates back to the original St. Albans Hospital, established in 1883. For more than 135 years, we have been an integral part of life in northwestern Vermont – and look forward to maintaining that role for years to come.

Major community employer

NMC employs over 800 people through the hospital and our outpatient practices. In terms of salary and benefits alone, NMC invests more than $60 million to the regional economy. We are fortunate to be joined in our work by over 80 active volunteers who donate approximately 20,000 hours each year and more than 170 Active & Associate medical staff members.

Looking at the numbers

• NMC now cares for approximately 2,250 inpatients each year.

• Our Emergency Department sees over 20,000 emergency patients a year and our Urgent Care sees approximately 15,000 patients a year.

• Our Family Birth Center welcomes nearly 400 babies each year.

• We conduct over 6,000 surgical and outpatient procedures each year, along with more than 280,000 lab tests and approximately 50,000 diagnostic imaging exams.

• Given underpayment by Government programs, contractual discounts extended to commercial insurance, and other factors, NMC is reimbursed only 50¢ on the dollar for the care we provide.