Board of Directors

NMC is governed by a 12-member volunteer Board of Directors. Eleven of the Board Members are elected by the community members who serve on NMC’s Board of Incorporators. The twelfth NMC Board Member is the President of the Medical Staff, who is elected by our physicians. Healthcare is a complex environment, making hospital Board service challenging and demanding. We are thankful for the time and expertise our Board Members invest in our hospital and our community.

Current NMC Board Members are:

President: Kevin Manahan, of St. Albans. Mr. Manahan is a CPA with A.M. Peisch & Company, LLP. 

Vice President: Leon Berthiaume, of Swanton. Mr Berthiaume is the CEO of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery.

President of the Medical Staff: Michael Kennedy, MD, of St. Albans. Dr. Kennedy is a surgeon with Northwestern Medical Surgical Associates. 

Treasurer: Dawn Bugbee, of South Hero. Mrs. Bugbee is a Vice President and the Chief Financial Officer of Green Mountain Power Corporation.

Secretary: Janet McCarthy, of Georgia. Mrs. McCarthy is the Executive Director of the Franklin County Home Health Agency.

Lorne Babb, MD, of Enosburg. Dr. Babb is a physician with Cold Hollow Family Practice in Enosburg Falls. 

John Casavant, of St. Albans. Mr. Casavant is a Risk Management and Insurance professional with NFP. 

Nick Hadden, of Fairfax. Mr. Hadden is a private practice attorney. 

Jake Holzscheiter, of Westford. 

Paula Kane, Esq, of St. Albans. Ms. Kane is a private practice attorney.

William O’Connor, Jr, of Swanton. Mr. O’Connor is retired from the Food Science Corporation where he served as Chief Operating Officer. 

Marietta Scholten, MD, of St. Albans. Dr. Scholten is a practicing family medicine physician, the Medical Director for the Vermont Chronic Care Initiative and the Medical Director of the Franklin County Hospice Program.


The NMC Board meets on a monthly basis with numerous committee meetings throughout the month. For more information about the Board, please contact the NMC Administration Office by calling (802) 524-1054.