Leadership team

As NMC has grown, we have sought to remain organizationally nimble — led by a small group of professionals who are passionate about our mission and vision.

Current NMC Leadership Team: Jill Berry Bowen, Chief Executive Officer Chris Hickey, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jane Catton, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer Joel Benware, Vice President, Information Systems & Compliance Jonathan Billings, Vice President, Planning & Community Relations Tom Conley, Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development Diane Leach-Janelli, Vice President, Quality & Medical Staff Services Amy Putnam, Vice President, Physician Services Lowrey Sullivan, MD Chief Medical Officer  

The Leadership Team meets weekly — addressing the top priorities of the hospital, touching base on what’s happening throughout the organization, working collaboratively on issues of shared concern, and ensuring NMC remains on course in alignment with our strategic plan and annual operating plan. There is always a Leadership Team member on call so staff and others have the access they need around the clock, throughout the year. We strive for interchangeable leadership through trust, communication and a shared approach to decision making, so that between other Leadership Team members and our talented staff, progress can continue even when a key individual is unavailable.