Consumers can make informed decisions when choosing a Vermont hospital by using Hospital Report Cards. Click the image at left, or the link below to see Hospital Report Card information for Northwestern Medical Center and other Vermont hospitals. 

Hospital Report Cards can be used to review and compare information about community and psychiatric hospitals in quality of care (outcomes, patient satisfaction and more), costs for common services, healthcare-associated infection ratios, nurse staffing levels, patient safety, and hospitals’ financial information.

The Report Cards offer information about: 

  • Quality of Care Measures including readmission rates and death rates
  • Patient Safety
  • Healthcare-Associated Infection Measures
  • Nurse Staffing information and data
  • Hospital financial information and budget data from the Green Mountain Care Board
  • Pricing of common services at community hospitals

Visit the Vermont Department of Health’s Hospital Report Cards website here.

Financial Reporting

Information about NMC’s financial health and budget is summarized on the Green Mountain Care Board’s website. The information there includes: 

  • Financial information and benchmarks
  • A Budget summary
  • Cost shift information
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Capital Investments
  • Top 50 inpatient admissions and outpatient procedures and their hospital charges.
  • Physician and hospital charges for common outpatient diagnostic procedures and visits.

Read about NMC’s Discount and Free Care Policy here on our website.

Find Financial and Pricing Information for all Vermont community hospitals on the VDH website, here. You can find Discount and Free Care Policies for all Vermont community hospitals as well.


Public Participation and Strategic Planning

Read about strategic initiatives to meet health care needs in our community and opportunities for public participation in strategic planning. NMC’s strategic planning is shaped by our Community Health Needs Assessment, and we are constantly working to address the priorities identified by that assessment. Read about our actions addressing the CHNA as our Annual Progress Report on this page.


Community Health Needs Assessment

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a federally mandated process for hospitals to undertake every 3 years to gain a comprehensive understanding of the community’s health needs and assess our population’s concerns about their health and the community’s health and then adopt an implementation strategy to address the identified needs. “Section 501(r)(3)(A) requires a hospital organization to conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) every three years and to adopt an implementation strategy to meet the community health needs identified through the CHNA.”

You can find the most recent Community Health Needs assessment, as well as past CHNA’s on this page. Other information about the needs assessments on this page include:

  • The CHNA Implementation Plan
  • Annual Progress Updates 

Hospital Complaint Process

Learn about NMC’s Hospital Complaint Process. This page offers information about the process and contact information for submitting a complaint.


Hospital Governance

Read about NMC’s hospital governance, our Board of Incorporators and our Leadership Team, including our public meeting schedule and contact information.