Courtyard Café Menu

for the week of May 20-24, 2019


Soup: Curried Vegetable (112 Calories)

Tortilla Tilapia (Healthy U Option: 362 Calories)

Pork Burger with Red Onion Slaw (Healthy U Option: 495 Calories)

Potato Wedges

Fresh Vegetables


Soup: Vermont Alehouse Cheddar (250 calories)

Vietnamese Pho Bowl: 

Your choice of beef or shitake and cremini mushrooms with rice noodles, carrots, cabbage, mixed herbs, lime wedges, jalapenos, chopped garlic, bean sprouts. Top it with sriracha or hoisin sauce and fresh vegetables. 


Split Pea Soup (120 Calories)

Pretzel Crusted Hake (Healthy U Option: 386 Calories)

Classic Meat Lasagna (638 Calories)

Dinner Rolls

Fresh Vegetables


Cauliflower & Vermont Cheddar Soup (190 calories)

Buffalo Chicken Sliders (Healthy U Option: 345 calories)

House Made Fish Cakes with Caper Dijon Mayo (Healthy U Option: 289 calories)

Garlic Smashed Yukon Gold Potatoes

Fresh Veggies


Chicken Sausage, Potato and Kale Soup (170 Calories)

The Beyond Burger (Healthy U Option: 410 calories)

Sriracha & Honey BBQ Crispy Chicken Salad (487 calories)

Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Fresh Veggies


*Healthy U entrees are usually under 500 calories – calorie counts are approximate and may vary slightly due to preparation methods


Green indicates dishes that are vegetarian or vegan-friendly.