Welcome to Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

NMC’s Ortho-Rehab team is a multi-discipline group of orthopaedic surgeons, physician assistants, physical therapists and occupational therapists who will expedite your recovery and get you back to enjoying life. Whether it is your love for intense sports, walking, hiking or simply spending time with those you love, we are committed to high quality care that gets you back to your activity of choice. Our highly skilled team works closely together to educate, treat and facilitate injury recovery, creating a seamless and caring patient experience.

Want to learn more? Contact any of our offices by calling 802-524-1232 or request an appointment online.

To send us a fax, use 802-524-8802 for the Orthopaedics office and 802-524-1025 for the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy office. 




NMC offers telemedicine visits for a variety of services, providing high-quality care from the providers you know and trust.

How to schedule a telemedicine appointment: It’s easy to set up. When scheduling an appointment with us, we will let you know if a telemedicine visit is an option for the treatment you are seeking. If it is and you’d like to schedule a telemedicine visit, we will then give you instructions on how to make the connection, which will be via telephone, a free video conferencing application, or NMC’s Patient Portal. And, telemedicine visits are covered by insurance.

To learn more about the benefits of telemedicine and read frequently asked questions, click here.


Orthopaedics Office

Medical Office Building
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
            Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Phone: 802-524-1232
Fax: 802-524-8802
133 Fairfield Street, St. Albans, VT


Physical & Occupational Therapy Clinics

Cobblestone Health Commons
Hours: Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m. 
Phone: 802-524-1232
Fax: 802-524-1025
260 Crest Road, St. Albans VT

Branon’s Pools
Hours: Flexible based on patient needs
Phone: 802-524-1232
Fax: 802-524-1025
248 North Main Street, St. Albans, VT

Community Health Center in Enosburg
Hours: Flexible based on patient needs
Phone: 802-524-1232
Fax: 524-10235
44 Center Street, Enosburg, VT

Northwestern Urgent Care
Hours: Flexible based on patient needs 
Phone: 802-524-1232
Fax: 802-524-1025
927 Ethan Allen Highway, Georgia VT

Slide A+ Care. No less than 15 people interacted with on the day of my foot surgery. Excellent team. Excellent care. Slide Kamie Holmes is an excellent care provider.
I would recommend her to anyone at any time.
She is extremely knowledgeable and personable.
Slide Dr. Mauser was exceptional.
I feel lucky to have had him as my provider.
Slide They are all so very nice, good listeners, caring, eager to ensure you are comfortable
and respond to calls quickly. Five star.
Slide Dr. Myrtue took great care of me at the E/R and all the way through the surgery and recovery process. Slide Megan Sisbarro is an exceptional provider.
She was professional, courteous, kind, and informative.
Slide I found Dr. Groening to be one of the best medical professionals I have ever dealt with! He was very knowledgeable, competent, had great people skills,
and provided fantastic treatment and advice.
What our patients are saying
Watch as Certified Athletic Trainer Danielle Trombley walks us through an “ergo break” – a series of exercises and stretches for people working at a desk for long periods. Danielle is also a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and she encourages clients to take ergonomic breaks regularly
Physical Therapist Lori Deering and Certified Athletic Trainer Danielle Trombley offer some ergonomic tips for people working at home to avoid aches, pains and strains that may come with a poor work-station setup. Both practitioners are Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialists with the Northwestern Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation team.

Did you know that most injuries happen in or near the home?  Luckily, with Northwestern Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation, access to top-level care is also close to home.  Our integrated approach to care will get you back in action and doing the things you love in less time!