NMC Incorporators Elect a New Hospital Board Member and Add to Membership

A new member of Northwestern Medical Center’s Board of Directors was elected at a recent NMC Board of Incorporators meeting.  Meredith Roberts of Fairfax became the newest member of NMCs governing board and will begin serving in that position in January. Re-elected to a second term on the NMC Board was Jake Holzscheiter. NMC appreciates the dedication of all board members and welcomes the new board member to the team.  

Also at the November meeting, the Board of Incorporators added Reg Beliveau of Swanton to its membership. 

NMC’s Incorporators provide an integral connection between NMC and its community. The Incorporators elect NMC’s Board, approve its bylaws, and serve as local advocates and ambassadors.  

The Incorporators meeting also included three presentations with updates on NMC. Dr. Minadeo, Chief Medical Quality Officer, gave a presentation focused on NMC becoming a highly reliable organization with the goal of an improved patient and family experience. Second, Pat King, Interim Auxiliary President reported on behalf of the NMC Auxiliary. Lastly, Jake Holzscheiter, Board President, Dr. Lowrey Sullivan, President of the Medical Staff, and Jonathan Billings, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer presented on the Medical Staff and Hospital year in review.  

Billings also presented on the current state of the hospital, navigating unpresented volumes of patients while other local hospitals struggle with capacity issues, a shortage of inpatient mental health beds, long term care facilities with limited capacity, continued COVID complications and “Traveler” expenses. He also shared the strategic focus of the hospital to be on improving quality to CMS-5 star level, strengthening staff and provider engagement, and keeping care local to stay sustainable. Billings also provided updates on the ED renovation project, shared new hires in Senior Leadership and the Medical Staff, and concluded with an update on the CEO search.