Will we see the “Healthy Hearts on the Move” free community event this year?

Yes and we have even more planned for you on February 7th and it is in fact free for you and your family! Healthy Hearts on the Move is for people of all ages: adults, kids, and seniors alike. It is for people at all levels of health and physical activity, as you can enjoy everything from getting your heart pumping to relaxing your mind and body.  It is a chance to participate in free screenings, learn more about opportunities to be healthier, and have your questions answered – all without nagging or lectures. It is a morning where you can experiment with healthy activities that you may have wondered about, but never tried. There are free snacks (delicious and healthy, actually), activities for the kids, and even a chance to win a $300 gift certificate to Jay Peak to enjoy some healthy fun on the slopes or in the waterpark! I hope you will join me at this event – and bring a friend or family member with you!

This year’s Healthy Hearts on the Move event will be held from 9am to Noon on Saturday, February 7, at St. Albans City School (29 Bellows Street in St. Albans). We are very appreciative of school lending us their space for this wonderful community event.

The fitness offerings you can sample during the event include Zumba, Hula-hooping, Tai Chi,and Yoga. At last year’s event, we were delighted to find that many people wanted to exercise with their kids, so this year’s event will feature special offerings for families to exercise together in addition to those for adults. These will include family yoga, family martial arts, and Zumbatomics For Kids & Parents. I think it is great to see parents and children playing and exercising together. For those looking for a bit of relaxation on their path to better health, there will be an opportunity to have a free massage. This has been a very popular offering as many have been curious about massage. This is a wonderful opportunity to try it, and those who have already can experiment a little more this year!

Free health screenings at this year’s event will include blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. These are important indicators relating to heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable conditions. There will also be a waist circumference screening, which is one way to look at how your weight relates to your body frame and what that means to your health. Knowing your results and discussing their impact with one of the professionals who will be on hand is key to taking the right steps towards better health. It is all free – and the kids’ activities will provide great fun while you are having your screenings!

In addition to the fitness samplings and screenings, there will be a number of interactive educational displays and activities to enjoy. You will have the opportunity to learn more about simple ways to exercise at home, opportunity for taste testings, and more. I am guessing our “soon to start” RISE VT Coordinator (who we will announce shortly) will be there, talking about this tremendously exciting initiative. The Community Committee on Healthy Lifestyles has developed RISE VT as a way to get families, individuals, organizations, and businesses actively engaged in improving their health and the health of their workforce.  

Better health really is a journey, and that is the inspiration to the passports at the event! Since there are so many fun things happening at Healthy Hearts on the Move, you will receive a passport to guide your visit. You can get stamps at the screenings, fitness opportunities, educational activities, and elsewhere at the event. It helps make sure you do not miss something of interest and gives you a place to track your results. I still have mine form last year so I can compare my results!

It promises to be a wonderful event for all of us who are curious about being just a bit healthier in the new year without pressure. Please mark your calendars for Healthy Hearts on the Move on Saturday, February 7, from 9am to Noon at St. Albans City School. Join me on the path to feeling better, having more energy, by exploring ways that make getting healthy fun at your own pace!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer