NMC Commentary

What did the Governor Think of the Progress at NMC?

At NMC’s recent celebration of our upcoming completion of the enhancements to our healing environment, Governor Scott praised the new space and recognized it as part of NMC’s ongoing work toward achieving a healthier future in our community and Vermont’s work to transform our healthcare system to one focused on value and improved population health.

The Governor said, “This hospital renovation and reorganization in a lot of ways reflects the makeover that Vermont’s healthcare system has started and will be continuing with over the next several years.  For example, with an emphasis on prevention and improved service, the new design has located outpatient services in the front of house, so to speak, so that primary care is your first point of reference.  We must look at the entire system in the same way, helping people stay healthy with a focus on prevention.”  He went on to say, “In order to achieve a better and less expensive healthcare system for Vermonters, we must focus on strengthening the bridge between healthcare and community and social services.  That starts with building on relationships between our providers and the community to change the way we see healthcare.  Across the state through payment and delivery reform we are working to take a more community based approach to break down those barriers and make more healthy choices available to more people.  This is something well underway in the Franklin County area through RiseVT, which will be expanding into many areas across Vermont in the coming year.”

Governor Scott was joined by other leaders who attended NMC’s opening ceremony and praised both the advancement of our wellness focused environment and our vision of a community centered on health. Dr. John Brumstead is the CEO of the University of Vermont Health Network which is a partner in NMC’s medical specialty clinics, our regional tertiary care resource, and an enthusiastic participant in the expansion of RiseVT.  Dr. Brumstead said, “Thank you for leading all of us in finding ways to most appropriately use hospital-based resources” and spoke of their commitment as a collaborative partner “to continue to work with your leadership team and your medical staff to bring the highest quality services that we possibly can to St. Albans.” He spoke of RiseVT, saying, “Thank you for your leadership which has brought us RiseVT, which I believe is going to be the premier wellness and prevention program for this state and then spread beyond our borders.” It is gratifying to hear this important partner honor and respect the advancement of care at Northwestern Medical Center and praise the work we are doing to improve the health of our community.

Local leaders also spoke, highlighting the role of the hospital in our community and the importance of our staff in living our mission of exceptional care.  Emerson Lynn, Publisher of the St. Albans Messenger, reflected of the journey NMC has been on “from a long time ago” to “the place of distinction that draws us together today.”  He praised NMC’s ongoing evolution, saying “to say the hospital is central to our county’s wellbeing, in all senses of the word, is an understatement. I urge you today to look at NMC not solely as a place where patients are seen, tended to, and healed.  I would encourage you to look beyond the splendor of this physical plant on display and look instead at NMC as a center of Franklin County’s marvelously successful web of relationships.”  He spoke of “the hospital’s commitment to our community” and our team’s focus on quality of care and our focus on quality of life.

The President of NMC’s Board of Directors, Kevin Manahan of A.M. Peisch, spoke highly of the NMC staff while reflecting on the new facilities we now have for caring for our patients.  He said, “While we are here today to celebrate the completion of this renovation and expansion, it would not mean a thing without the dedicated service of our healthcare providers and staff.  Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare for our community and our team of healthcare providers does that every day.”

It was wonderful to have so many from our community and beyond share in the celebration and experience the design of the new space focused on ease of access to services.  We were so pleased to honor the generosity of Peerless Clothing, the largest contributor to our capital campaign, and the gifts from all our donors.  Seeing neighbors and families and colleagues mingling with staff and celebrating another step forward for our community was heartwarming.  It truly felt like a community gathering center that afternoon.  I am so proud to lead this dedicated team and to work with our community partners.

Thank you for entrusting your care to us.

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer