NMC Commentary

Does NMC Welcome Input and Feedback?

We absolutely encourage, welcome, and appreciate all input and feedback as it helps our NMC team identify both opportunities to celebrate work well done and opportunities to improve. Both are crucial to living our mission of providing exception care to every patient, every time.  We truly believe in the adage that “feedback is a gift.”

Sometimes, feedback is glowingly positive. We recently heard from a nurse midwife in the community who had to bring a patient in labor to the hospital for her delivery. She was so complimentary of our physicians, particularly Dr. Lowrey Sullivan, and our Family Birth Center nurses. She spoke of caring, compassion, respect, and excellence. It was heartwarming to read and provided an opportunity to celebrate and reinforce the great work our team members do. That recognition connects our team back to our purpose, inspires us during challenging times, and helps keep us all moving forward on the path of exceptional care. We certainly appreciate it.

Other times, the feedback is honestly not glowingly positive, but it is still welcomed, as it identifies opportunities where we could have done better. I am proud of how our team accepts this kind of constructive feedback. They take it in the spirit intended, reflect on their approach and their practice, and work to improve. Recently, I received a letter from a nurse with 30 years of experience who had concerns relating to the administration of her father’s medications during his care at NMC. She provided us with specific observations that do not align with what we would see as a true NMC patient experience.  She encouraged us to “talk with your staff and educate them to the need for patients to receive the kind of care that your hospital claims it provides.” I can assure you, we have taken her feedback very seriously and have addressed it. Exceptional care, always, is a high bar, and as such, it is a passion for our nurses, our providers, and our entire NMC team. I am sorry we fell short of that for this family. This feedback will help us do better and I know that we will.

Please, share your feedback with us. We welcome you as a partner in your care and in the care of your loved ones. We always want to exceed your expectations, so please share your thoughts on both the “did wells” and “could improves.” You can do so through conversations with a member of our staff, a provider, or anyone on our team, including me. This direct approach is very valuable, as it allows us to address any concern or celebrate successes right in the moment when it can be most impactful. We have “Caught You Caring” cards where you can provide written recognition – you will see them on display or you can ask a staff member for one. We also send patient satisfaction surveys and take the feedback we receive very seriously, act on it, and track trends to ensure improvement. Please take the time to fill those out and return them. Your insights are so valuable to us.

As your community hospital, NMC truly believes in a healthier future for all and our commitment to exceptional care goes far deeper than words on paper. It is our daily commitment to you. We sincerely welcome your input on how we are doing as part of your partnership in exceptional care. Thank you for entrusting us with your care.

— Jill Berry Bowen, RN, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer