Can you tell me more about RiseVT?

Yes!  This program is ready to launch!  After successfully piloting RiseVT with individuals, families, businesses, schools, and municipalities, this innovative effort to engage our entire community in healthier lifestyles is ready to launch!  Many of you have been following RiseVT through social media (you will find us on Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter and Instagram) and may have been to the placeholder for our website atwww.RiseVT.com to take our healthier lifestyle pledge and share your email so we can share information about RiseVT and the many exciting healthy activities going on in Franklin and Grand Isle Counties. 

RiseVT has emerged from the work of the Community Committee on Healthy Lifestyles, a multi-disciplinary group of leaders from throughout our region who share a commitment to better health for all of us.  For too long, our community has felt the burden of poor health indicators, such as sedentary lifestyles, challenging food choices, and tobacco use.  Our health has suffered as a result and our personal health care costs are higher than they need to be.  Plus, it’s no fun to feel lousy all of the time.  RiseVT was created to help change that.  By making small positive changes to our lifestyles, we can have a strong positive impact on our health.  We can rise above those challenging health indicators.  We can enjoy more energy and feel better.  RiseVT provides a framework – we call them scorecards – for individuals, families, and various kinds of organizations to use in guiding their own improvement efforts.  As you make progress, you will rise in our levels: moving from Bronze, where you are trying out healthy options; to Silver, where they are becoming healthy habits; to Gold, where they have become part of your daily routine.  The best part of it is that RiseVT will help make it fun along the way!

We will be launching RiseVT with a creative, interactive presence at the North Hero Health and Wellness Fair on May 30th, at June Dairy Days in Enosburg on June 6 & 7, and at the Vermont Days at Kilkare State Park, Sandbar State Park, and Lake Carmi State Park on June 13.  The RiseVT website has all details on times and locations.  You’ll have a chance to meet members of the RiseVT team, including Coordinator Dorey Demers, Health Coach Brian Clukey, and Health Advocates Jessica Frost and Betsy Fournier.  Depending on when you stop by, you may have a chance to join in a “life size” version of health Jenga or get to sample a healthy smoothie prepared on our soon-to-be-famous RiseVT Smoothie Bikes!  Of course, we will have information on the RiseVT initiative and will be glad to talk about how you, your family, or your organization can join in the fun of getting healthier.

We are now days away from unveiling the official RiseVT website.  There, you will be able to learn more about RiseVT and get started by downloading a scorecard for yourself, your family, or your organization.  You can even submit your scorecard online as well!  You’ll be able to use the free online Cerner wellness tool to connect with our health coaches and health advocates for assistance in making positive changes to improve your health.  You’ll be able to explore local resources for healthy activity and see a calendar of upcoming events which align with the spirit of RiseVT.  We will have an ongoing RiseVT blog on the website with recipes, contests, event teasers, success stories, and more! 

Please, join me in RiseVT.  Let’s enjoy getting a bit healthier, together.  Visitwww.RiseVT.com on or after June 1 to explore this wonderful new community resource!  Take a look at the RiseVT scorecard.  Make a plan to stop by one of our launch events.  Connect with us through social media and win prizes in our daily Facebook contests during June.  Join in on our RiseVT “Show Ups” at 6:30am in Taylor Park in St. Albans each Wednesday morning in June, where whoever shows up can enjoy a physical activity led by Brian, our RiseVT Health Coach. 

Feeling better and having the energy to enjoy the things we love is within our reach.  Together, we can rise to better health. Join me!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer