Are the NMC Incorporators a Vital Connection?

Yes, absolutely!  The NMC Incorporators are an important part of NMC’s deep roots in our community.  They provide community insight and perspective for the hospital, serve as ambassadors for local healthcare, elect 11 of the 12 NMC Board Members (with the 12th elected by the Medical Staff), and approve the hospital by-laws. The entire NMC team prides itself in being a true community hospital and we appreciate the service of our Board of Incorporators in helping maintain that vital connection between our hospital and the community we serve.   

On May 9th, the NMC Incorporators held their semi-annual meeting.  This meeting serves primarily as an informational exchange and provides a setting for the celebration of the NMC Community Service Award, as the election of Board Members is held at their November meeting.

It was wonderful to have “the dynamic duo” of Dr. Frank and Judy Zsoldos honored with NMC’s 2016 Community Service Award.   They have provided nearly 40 years of kind, caring, and humble service to our community.  Dr. Zsoldos was a primary care physician here for more than 38 years.  He served on the Board of Directors of both Franklin County Home Health Agency and Northwestern Medical Center, in addition to serving as medical director of Redstone Villa, Verdelle Village, Holiday House, and Franklin County Rehab.  Judy served as a nurse and practice leader in the primary care practice.  She is well known as a Master Gardener and her touch can be seen throughout our community.  She is currently an enthusiastic supporter of the St. Albans Society for the Performing Arts.  They have long been in the spotlight of “Cardiac Capers,” helping the NMC Auxiliary raise important funds for NMC.  Together, they have raised two children and now have a grandson in their lives (They have more than a grandson I believe…can we confirm this as I believe their son has children too).  They are such an inspiring and generous couple. I am so pleased our Board selected them as recipients of this honor, joining prior recipients Dr. Thomas Howrigan, Marcia Perry, and Helene Biggee on the plaque for honorees in the NMC Conference Center.  Thank you, Frank and Judy, for everything!

Tyson Moulton, NMC’s Director of Facilities, provided a review of the phasing and staging for NMC’s upcoming Master Facility Plan projects.  This incredible enhancement in our healing environment will bring a conversion to all-private inpatient rooms; centralization of registration for greater efficiency; efficient flexible space for Cardiology, Pulmonology, OB/GYN, and Medical Specialty Clinics; and an attached medical office building to enhance access and efficiency in Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Orthopaedics – complete with an embedded x-ray service and outpatient blood draw (phlebotomy) service. NMC will be holding a ceremonial groundbreaking at 5pm on Tuesday, May 24 outside our front entrance. We hope you will join us for this historic moment.  You will soon see work begin on a laydown area near NCSS, and by work at the back of the hospital to re-route Crest Road to create room for our expansion.  For more information on our projects and the progress of construction, please visit our website at: https://www.northwesternmedicalcenter.org/about-nmc/who-we-are/construction-updates/

Numerous other top priority initiatives were discussed with the incorporators, including: a review of NMC’s efforts relating to the top priorities of the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment; NMC’s current “Strategic Positioning” work to chart our course to a sustainable future; recent quality awards earned by the NMC team and our ongoing medical staff retention and recruitment efforts; the concerns raised by the duplication of our services by a proposed for-profit surgery center in Chittenden County; the need for increased addiction services in our community through a possible collaborative Hub; and the continued advancement of primary prevention to improve the health of our community through RiseVT.

It is always energizing to meet with NMC’s Incorporators and discuss exciting advancements at the hospital, share our challenges, and gather input and perspective.  NMC’s strength is a direct reflection not only on our staff and medical staff, but also on the community who cares for NMC as strongly as we care for it.  Thank you to our Incorporators, and to all of you, for entrusting us with your care and for supporting local healthcare.

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer