Inpatient Expansion Begins to Take Shape

This week, structural steel will be erected for the expansion of our inpatient wing at the back of the main building. The work is the next step in the building of that new wing, which will house all private rooms for NMC patients.

Last week, the under-slab work on this expansion was completed, including pouring the foundation. As that new building begins to take shape, foundation work is also underway on the Medical Clinics building at the front of campus. As footings are poured for that new building, we also see continued front entrance demolition.

NMC’s new front entrance will offer more space for our volunteer greeters, a larger Gift Gallery and dedicated space for our security staff. The new front entrance is slated to open in November and patients will be able to park nearby once the new entrance opens.

Until that new entrance is ready, patients and visitors are reminded to use the temporary main entrance, which is accessed from Crest Road through the Conference Center. Volunteers staff that entrance throughout the weekdays to help patients find their way to Diagnostic Imaging, Surgical Services or any other location in the hospital.

Patients who need bloodwork done should go to Doctors Office Commons #1 where that service has been temporarily relocated during construction.

Questions? Contact Kate Laddison in Community Relations at 524-1239.