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Dr. Bellstrom Announces Her Upcoming Retirement

After a long and appreciated career caring for our community as part of the NMC Medical Staff, Pediatrician Dr. Laura Bellstrom has announced her upcoming retirement, effective December 17, 2021. We are very thankful for all she has done and wish her all the best in retirement.

Here is the text of the letter that Dr. Bellstrom is sending out to her patients:

I am writing to advise you of my intention to retire at the end of December.  It has been a true joy to care for the babies, children, adolescents and young adults of Franklin, Grand Isle and parts of Chittenden counties for the past 25 years and without a doubt an incredibly rewarding large chunk of my career.   I thank you for entrusting your care (your child/children’s care) to me and I know that I will miss that role immensely. 

Thankfully, I work with 5 extraordinary, talented and dedicated pediatricians who will provide outstanding pediatric care upon my departure.  Drs. Roya Mansoorani, Deanne Haag, Stacy Strouse and Robert and Tracy Tyson will continue to see patients in St. Albans and Enosburg, and I unhesitatingly recommend them and their staff. Patients who I last saw in St. Albans will be reassigned to Dr. Robert Tyson; patients who I last saw in Enosburg will reassigned to Dr. Tracy Tyson. If you would like to make other arrangements, please call the office and the team will help you.

Years ago, I remember telling Dr. Fred Holmes (an amazing mentor and pediatric visionary) that “when I see the third generation, it is time for me to retire” and that happened last year.  My last day in the office will be December 17th and I will be available through the end of December to assist you in your transition and address your needs until then.  

I look forward to joining my husband in his retirement and I wish you good health and hope our paths will continue to cross. 


Dr. Laura/Dr. Bellstrom