Coronavirus Information

NMC’s Updated Approach to Limited Visitation 

In alignment with updated guidance for the safety of patients, staff, and community members, NMC is now allowing limited visitation. We know family members and loved ones play a key role in supporting and comforting those who are sick and ill, however, as we seek to prevent the spread of COVID-19, adjusted limitations are still necessary.

General Guidelines:

  • Visitors must be screened prior to entrance – and must have an absence of symptoms.
  • Visitors must wear a face covering.
  • Visitors must be over the age of 18.
  • Visitors must remain in the patient room when in the organization.

COVID-19 Related Instances:

  • No visitors will be allowed in rooms of patients who are COVID-19 positive or with pending COVID-19 test results.

For Outpatient Appointments/Emergency Department:

  • For Adults in OP/ED: Visitation will be facilitated though technology if possible. One screened visitor may accompany a patient, if required to facilitate decision making or access to care;
  • For Pediatric patients in OP/ED: May be accompanied by one screened parent or support person.

For Inpatients:

  • Progressive Care Unit: One screened visitor at a time;
  • Family Birth Center patients: One screened support person;
  • Pediatric patients: One screened parent or support person;
  • Surgery (ambulatory): One screened person to escort;
  • Patients at End of Life: visitation managed by the care team;

Remember, visitors are expected to bring and wear a mask. Thank you for your cooperation in these safety efforts.