NMC’s Loading Dock Relocated

Beginning July 25, NMC’s loading dock will be relocated to a new spot on the back of the main campus building.

This relocation has several important impacts for vendors making deliveries to NMC:

  • The new location requires vendors to drive to the back of campus and conduct part of their turn across Crest Road.
  • Vendor traffic will share the roadway with ambulance traffic, as well as with our patients, visitors and staff. Please use caution when backing across Crest Road.

Handling Ambulance Traffic

Emergency service vehicles are the priority traffic on our campus. To help you ensure ambulances can get to the Emergency Department in a timely fashion our ED staff will use radios to notify us of an ambulance on the way. We appreciate cooperation from our vendors in making delivery transitions on Crest Road as efficient as possible to keep traffic moving.

Why We’re Moving

This temporary dock location will be in use for six months, and is necessary because the current area of our loading dock will be rebuilt as part of our ongoing construction project That project includes several renovations that us to serve our community better. The main components include:

  • A new main entrance for convenient registration
  • Private rooms for our inpatients
  • New buildings that bring our services together

We thank you for your patience as we make our facilities even better to serve you in the future! 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this loading dock relocation, feel free to call Amy Larivee, Manager of Materials Management at (802) 524-1043 or email [email protected].