Construction Updates

NMC’s New Entrances

Our recent campus construction has increased the number of entrances available for use on our campus – and that’s a good thing! Here’s a quick run-down of the NMC entrances and what doors is most convenient for what service.

  1. NMC’s Main Hospital Entrance – The hospital entrance was renovated in 2017 to provide a bigger drop-off area for patients, among other things. Use this entrance to visit a patient admitted to the hospital, to register for outpatient surgery, for Diagnostic Imaging services, to visit the Family Birth Center or for information about your medical records. This is also the closest access point for practices in the Medical Clinics Wing. Those include:
    • Northwestern OB/GYN,
    • Northwestern Cardiology,
    • Northwestern Pulmonology and
    • visiting clinics from UVMMC.You’ll find parking nearby this entrance for both visitors with mobility issues, as well as for our Veterans Sponsored Valet Service. The Valet Services is headquartered here in this entrance. Wherever you park and enter, the Valets can help you get where your’re going, and even park your car!

  2. The Medical Office Building Entrance – This new entrance opened in November 2017 and gives access to our new two-story building. Enter here for easy access to:

    • The Outpatient Lab for bloodwork
    • The Northwestern Orthpaedics and Rehabilitation Center
    • Northwestern Primary Care
    • Northwestern Urgent CareYou can walk through is building to the Medical Clinics wing and to the Main Hospital.In the clinics you will find: Northwestern OB/GYN, Northwestern Cardiology, Northwestern Pulmonology and visiting clinics from UVMMC.

  3. The Conference Center Entrance – Use this access point if you’re attending a meeting in one of our Conference Rooms. This entrance can also be used to access main hospital services like the Emergency Department, patient rooms, Surgical Services, Diagnostic Imaging, the Family Birth Center and other amenities like the Courtyard Café, the Gift Shop, the or the Chapel and Reflection Room.

  4. The Emergency Department Entrance – As you loop around the back of the hospital building on Crest Road, you will come to the ED Entrance. This access point is located directly outside the ED with convenient parking right nearby. With our 2017 construction, a widened roadway allows traffic to access the Emergency Department from either direction on Crest Road.

Of course, you are welcome to use any door. All these services are now located under one “roof” and you will be able to navigate from any entrance to any service without going outside.