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Cigarette Butt Litter Clean Up Events Underway

Now in its 9th year, Cigarette Butt Litter Clean Up “Month” got underway with a clean up in Swanton on June 27. What started with a few clean up events in August in 2016 has grown to 9 different events in 8 different municipalities over three months to raise awareness of the harms caused by cigarette litter to the environment, to our waterways, to animals and to humans. They are the world’s #1 littered item.  Clean ups are also scheduled for Alburgh, Swanton Recreation areas, Richford, Enosburg  Falls, Downtown St. Albans, the St. Albans Industrial Park, and St. Albans Bay Park.

Click here for the full schedule of events. 

Partnering with St. Albans Downtown Board member and Med Associates Executive, Valdemar Garibay, the Franklin Grand Isle Tobacco Prevention Coalition and hundreds of volunteers have been able to pick up thousands of butts every year – over 47,000 in 2022.  This year, we’re also partnering summer camps and youth campers at the Swanton Public Library, Swanton Recreation, NatruAlburgh Camp, and the LEAPS/NOTCH summer camp in Richford and Enosburg.  All community members are welcome to join in these events, whether they come for a few minutes or the entire time.  Trash bags and disposable gloves are provided, and the butts are sent off for recycling.  All events are held rain or shine, although canceled in thunderstorms.  A schedule of additional Butt Litter Clean Up events may be found on the Franklin Grand Isle Tobacco Prevention Coalition Facebook page for more details.

If you do use cigarettes and are not yet ready to make a quit attempt, please be sure to dispose of your cigarette butt properly.  Extinguish them on a shoe or sidewalk and take the butt to the nearest trash can.  The Franklin Grand Isle Tobacco Prevention Coalition also has free reusable pocket ash trays – if you need one, please find us on Facebook or email Amy Brewer at [email protected].  Lastly, if you are thinking of quitting, now’s always a great time to try.  Visit or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.  Free Virtual Quit Workshops are available and can be found at