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Welcome to Aquatic Therapy

We believe in better movement for a better life.

Aquatic Therapy can help you heal and recover when exercise on land is too painful or when swelling limits your ability to exercise. Our aquatic physical therapy program is located at Branon’s Pools on 248 Main Street in St. Albans and sessions take place in a heated therapy pool.
Water-based PT is especially helpful for patients with weight-bearing restrictions as the properties of water allow someone using crutches to exercise in the pool with greater freedom. Additionally, water-based therapy is comfortable, decreases stress on joints, reduces pain and improves circulation. The water also offers resistance, recruiting more muscles during exercise. Best of all, therapy in the water is fun!
Did you know? NMC patients have access to the pool free of charge five days per week during designated “walking hours.” Call us to learn more about this partnership with Branon’s Pools.

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Key services

  • Aquatic Ai Chi
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Injury recovery and healing
  • Water-based exercise
  • Water-based PT for weight-bearing restrictions


Branon’s Pools
Hours: flexible based on patient need
248 North Main Street, St. Albans, VT

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Services defined

Acute Care – Therapy provided to the patient while in the hospital setting and may be education/instruction in adaptive equipment, home set-up and safety awareness, self care, and/or cognitive therapy.

Cognitive Therapy – Provides interventions to address cognitive impairments to maximize independence and development of skills to enable people to participate in meaningful daily activities.

Driver Safety Assessments – Performed by our occupational therapists and offer a comprehensive driving evaluation consisting of two parts: one part in the clinic and the second part behind the wheel of a car. The purpose of the clinic evaluation is to examine the physical, visual, and mental abilities required for safe driving.

Falls Clinic and Balance Therapy – Offers comprehensive evaluations by a physical and occupational therapist to help reduce the risk of falls and also to prevent falls.

Functional Capacity Evaluation – Also known as Work Hardening or Conditioning, this is a program tailored to the needs of an employee allowing them to get back to work quickly after an injury. Work rehabilitation/conditioning is for patients that are unable to perform all their essential work duties and/or are out of work. The frequency of work rehab is dependent on the individual and varies from 1-4 hrs/day up to 5 days/week. In some cases, an individual might attend up to 20 hrs/week of work rehabilitation so we can assist with getting them back to full duty.

Hand Therapy – Performed by an occupational therapist or physical therapist with focus on treating orthopaedic-based upper-extremity conditions.

Kinesiotaping – A rehab taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting range of motion.

Lymphedema Therapy – Helps maximize recirculation of fluid and reduce the risk of infection associated with fluid build-up or retention in soft body tissues.

Manual Therapy – Delivered with the hands, putting pressure on muscle tissue and manipulating joints to decrease pain caused by muscle spasm, muscle tension and joint dysfunction.

Splint Fabrication – Can provide you with a splint that maximizes your function, and our occupational therapists offer a wide variety of splint techniques.