Seeking a Quiet, At-Home Atmosphere

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When Lyndsay Phillips unexpectedly went into early labor on the Fourth of July, she was glad she and her husband had decided to have their second baby at NMC. “Todd and I were looking for a place with more of an at-home atmosphere,” she explained. When they arrived in a rush at 7 am, they were impressed that one of the nurses went out of her way to bring her husband breakfast and coffee, especially welcome because his favorite coffee shop was closed for the holiday.

After their daughter Madelyn was born, they appreciated the quiet of the carpeted hallways, and how the atmosphere didn’t feel coldly clinical. “A volunteer actually comes around and plays the harp,” says Lyndsay.

Lyndsay is an RN in a local pediatric practice. But despite her training and medical knowledge, while in labor she needed reassurance and calm as much as anyone else. “Your mind goes completely elsewhere,” she says. “The NMC staff checked on me quite often… they didn’t use big medical terms, but pulled up a chair and sat right next to me.”



Did You Know?

NMC offers single rooms…
Our Family Birth Center is designed to create a home-like birth experience. We offer many comforts to support new parents, including single rooms, breakfast for dads, and carpeted hallways for an extra quiet atmosphere.