Jackie Vachon, DPT

Jackie graduated from The University of Vermont in 2018 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Prior to this, Jackie taught high school science classes and earned a BS in Environmental Science from The University of Southern Maine (2008).  Jackie feels her teaching background informs her physical therapy practice nicely.  A good teacher knows how to listen and identifies individual needs.  Teachers also know you have to "hear it, do it, read it, write it, and explain it" before you understand it.  Jackie strives to do this by teaching her patients about their injury/condition and helping them find practical ways to incorporate treatment suggestions into their daily lives.  Jackie has advanced training in manual therapy techniques (Aukland, NZ 2017) and is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT, 2023).


In her free time, Jackie likes to run around with her dog, laugh with her life partner, grow plants, work on her yoga practice, experiment in the kitchen, ride her bike, and paint.

Medical Education:

Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont.

Post Graduate Training:

Manual Therapy Techniques (Aukland, NZ 2017)


Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT, 2023)