The Garibays Gift for the Gift Gallery

Giving back was instilled in Valdemar Garibay and Bridget Zurn Garibay from an early age and throughout their lives. The concepts of helping others, charity, and service came to them through their schools and families in similar ways, and remain an important part of life for the couple who both work at Med Associates, a Zurn family business.

Growing up in Chicago, Valdemar learned the importance of giving back from his parents and at the high school (Mount Carmel) he attended. Here in Vermont, Bridget experienced the spirit of giving through her family’s devotion to the community, and through their family’s charity, Zurn Family Foundation. Married now for seven years, the couple recently made a significant and generous gift to Exceptional … the Campaign for Northwestern Medical Center in support of the Gift Gallery, a way for the two to say thank you to the hospital for its work.

This gift represents one of the three largest commitments to NMC’s campaign. The Garibay’s support allows NMC to expand the Auxiliary gift shop, and in honor of this outstanding support, a marker outside of the shop will recognize their generosity. The Garibays are no strangers to hospitals as two of their three children have healthcare and resulting in long days in facilities in Vermont and in Florida, where they spend part of the year.

They were pleased to support the gift shop at NMC because they see such shops as an oasis within the hospital setting – a place where you can go to relieve some of the stress of the current situation either through a thoughtful and uplifting gift, or even just a diversion from the hospital setting. They also like the idea of the donation in support of the Auxiliary-run shop.

“It’s like giving a gift that supports giving,” says Valdemar. NMC’s Auxiliary organization operates the shop and puts on other events to raise funds for NMC. The Auxiliary has been an incredible support to the hospital, and even made one of the lead gifts in the Exceptional campaign.

Valdemar and Bridget have made giving back a priority: They have supported Florida hospitals, the UVM Medical Center, St. Anne’s Shrine, The Bent Northrup Library, Taylor Park, Toys for Tots, local charities and other initiatives.

The Garibays will be recognized as part of the opening for the new lobby and main entrance in December, but both said that their gift was not about being in the lime-light. The couple spoke about the importance of giving and thanking those that will help this hospital move forward. They also spoke about their three children, Karlos, Sebastian, Anneliese and a fourth child due this year. Their gift is equal parts in recognition of the importance of quality care for all children, and a way to continue further their belief in supporting the community.

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