Northwestern Pediatrics Established

To stabilize and expand access to pediatric care in Franklin County, Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) has worked with local physicians to create Northwestern Pediatrics. As of December 31, 2015, five Pediatricians from the former Mousetrap Pediatrics practice are now employed in the new Northwestern Pediatrics: Dr. Chip Chiappinelli, Dr. Deanne Haag, Dr. Roya Mansoorani, Dr. Stacy Strouse, and Dr. Heidi Zvolensky. 

“We are very pleased to help retain these wonderful physicians within our community,” said Jill Berry Bowen, the Chief Executive Officer of Northwestern Medical Center. “They have cared for the children and youth of our community for years and we are pleased to welcome them to our staff so that exceptional care can continue.”

“These are challenging times for many physician practices,” said Bowen. “Reductions in reimbursements, increased regulation, and advances in technology all make running a medical practice more complicated.  With that, we are seeing more physicians and advanced practice providers seek out an employment arrangement, frequently through their local hospital.  NMC has adapted to provide that structure when necessary in order to maintain access to care here in our community.”

“Today is a great day for the children of Franklin County as a potential pediatric crisis has been averted through the caring concerns of NMC and Mousetrap Pediatrics,” said Dr. Chip Chiappinelli. “Faced with the difficulties surrounding private practice, we approached NMC to see if together we could solve the problem.  After months of hard work on both parts, and with the goal of uninterrupted care for the children, NMC and Mousetrap have merged to form Northwestern Pediatrics. To say the least, the five of us staying are very excited.  This is our home, these are our children, and we could not imagine not taking care of them.”

The physicians are in the process of sending a letter to each of their patients from Mousetrap Pediatrics, explaining the transition. That letter should arrive in homes in early January.  “We have worked closely with the physicians and the Mousetrap staff to make this transition as seamless as possible for the patients,” said Bowen.  “The office locations in St. Albans, Enosburg, Swanton and Missisquoi Valley Union High School will remain the same.  The phone numbers will be maintained.  And best of all, nearly all of the faces will remain the same.”

In addition to securing the retention of these Pediatricians through the creation of Northwestern Pediatrics, NMC and the physicians have been working to recruit additional Pediatricians to join our community to fill recent vacancies. “We are very excited that Dr. Jennifer Covino has signed a letter of intent to join the practice later in 2016,” said Bowen.  “In addition, we are pleased by the level of interest from other candidates who are considering our community.”

Northwestern Pediatrics, area private pediatrics practices, and a number of local family medicine practices in Franklin County are all accepting children as new patients. The Community Relations Office at NMC (at 802-524-1280) can assist individuals looking to connect with a practice which is accepting new patients.