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Northwestern Medical Center Announces New VT Quit Partner

The Franklin Grand Isle Tobacco Prevention Coalition wants Franklin and Grand Isle residents to know that just in time for the Great American Smokeout, there will be more access to local support in quitting tobacco use.  Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) and Northwestern Counseling & Support Services (NCSS) have newly trained “VT Quit Partners” available to help Franklin and Grand Isle adults quit tobacco use.  Chasidy Benjamin, Deanna Chase, LICSW, and Alyssa Fuller, RN recently completed a tobacco treatment training and will be providing tobacco cessation services in group settings throughout the region.

In addition to regular cessation, or FreshStart, classes, these three VT Quit Partners will be available to hold classes within a business, onsite at an organization, or within a housing community that is supporting its residents to become tobacco-free.  With increased capacity, more residents can receive in-person tobacco cessation at a time and in a place that works for them.

A new cast of VT Quit Partners is not the only expansion in cessation services in the Franklin Grand Isle region.   NCSS and NMC have worked to increased number of trained professionals who are able to offer quit support to individuals directly within primary care physician offices.  Tobacco users visiting their primary care provider receive advice from their medical profession to quit tobacco use.  Having a trained tobacco treatment specialist onsite means that that “advice” can be translated into action, and that increases the chances of a successful quit attempt.

Lastly, NMC has been able to increase access to quit support for its inpatient tobacco users as well.  Utilizing the expertise of NMC’s Respiratory Therapists who are available 24/7, patients who are admitted to the hospital, which is a tobacco-free campus, will receive consultation to support a quit attempt or at the very least, ensure the patient is comfortable while remaining free from tobacco in the hospital.

According to Karen Staniels, Director, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and Occupational Health, “NMC is happy to be working with NCSS and our community partners to increase the local resources for people who want to stop using tobacco products.  Our goal is that everyone who wants to quit has easy access to the needed resources, including online assistance, group classes, one on one counseling, nicotine replacement therapy or other medications.”

Quitting tobacco use with the support of trained professionals just got a whole lot easier to access in Franklin Grand Isle Counties.  What remains unchanged is that potential tobacco quitters have several evidence-based options to help them quit for good – including free nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges.  Additionally, if an in-person quit service doesn’t appeal to you, Vermont offers free online and over-the-phone services through www.802quits.org or 1-800-QUIT-NOW.  The most important step for anyone considering making a quit attempt, so to commit to making that quit attempt, and to understand that practice makes perfect.  Try today and just keep trying until it takes.  That’s how it’s done.  And you can do it.