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COVID-19 Update

“With the presence of COVID-19 in our community, we have understood that it was inevitable that employees from among our team of nearly 900 people would eventually test positive for the virus,” said Dr. John Minadeo, Chief Medical Quality Officer. “Today, we are sharing that we have had our first employee test positive.”

“Thanks to the procedures in place, the risk of exposure to patients and other employees is minimal,” said Dr. Susan Carol, Medical Director of Northwestern Occupational Health. “The employee’s role was outside the main stream of activity and outside of direct patient care.  The employee has been away from work for 11 days and appropriate follow-up steps have been taken with those in close contact.”

Out of respect for this individual’s privacy, we will not be sharing additional information regarding this case. With community spread of COVID-19 now present in our area, it continues to be crucial that everyone adheres to guidance relating to reducing possible transmission, including: complying with the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order; calling primary care when ill; washing our hands; using good physical distancing while maintaining social contact. These efforts help “flatten the curve” of anticipated cases, which will help ensure the resources of the healthcare system continue to be available when needed.