NMC’s Health Beat

NMC’s Health Beat is dedicated to discussing current healthcare topics of interest to our community. We launched the show with the help of Northwest Access TV in the fall of 2014 and it airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week on Channel 15.

Our goal is to provide education about available NMC services and to help viewers become more informed consumers of health care. The show features NMC’s Jill Berry Bowen as host and she speaks with a variety of NMC staff and healthcare providers. Each conversational episode gives viewers a chance to hear health care issues discussed by members of our talented team, connecting you to the people who deliver your care. 
If you have a topic you would like us to discuss on the show, please contact Kate Laddison in our Community Relations office at 802-524-1239 or through email at [email protected]

December 2018: Beyond the Kale

Sous Chef Jon Newhard of NMC’s Restaurant and Catering team introduces us to some cruciferous vegetables – making cauliflower soup with curry.

December 2018: Kale, Yeah!

Sous Chef Jon Newhard of NMC’s Restaurant and Catering team cooks up some Caldo Verde with kale – a superfood vegetable! As a bonus, we also learn how easy it is to make kale chips.

October 2018: RiseVT Update

RiseVT Program Manager Denise Smith talks with NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen about the Franklin-Grand Isle County’s program’s Active Play Campaign.

September 2018: Welcome Dr. Royer

On this episode of Health Beat, NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen talks with Dr. Anna Royer, a general surgeon who recently joined Northwestern Associates in Surgery in 2018.

September 2018: Exercise = Medicine

NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen talks with Shannon Meehan, an Exercise Physiologist with NMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Service and Wendy Lawrence, a Physical Therapist with the Northwestern Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Center. In this episode, they discuss how exercise can be used as effective medicine for healthy lifestyles.

September 2018: Fresh Fruit Prep

Jon Newhard, Sous Chef with NMC’s Restaurant and Catering Team gives some tips on preparing fresh fruit – using pineapples and kiwis as examples.

August 2018: ENT

CEO Jill Berry Bowen welcomes NMC’s newest specialty practice: Northwestern Ear, Nose and Throat. She speaks with Dr. Kahren Aydinyan and Audiologist Stephanie Maloney, Au.D. to introduce the dynamic duo to our community.

August 2018: Summer Ailments

Pediatrician Scott Spicer, MD and Dermatologist Stephanie Neider, MD talk about summer ailments with NMC’s CEO Jill Berry Bowen, RN. The three discuss sunburns, poison ivy, poison parsnip, bug bites, ticks and more!

July 2018: Campus Planning

Northwestern Medical Center CEO speaks with Vice President of Planning and Community Relations Jonathan Billings about future plans for NMC’s campus.

July 2018: Dr. Susan Carol

On this episode of Health Beat, NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen interviews Dr. Susan Carol who is the Medical Director of Northwestern Occupational Health.
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