NMC’s Health Beat

NMC’s Health Beat is dedicated to discussing current healthcare topics of interest to our community. We launched the show with the help of Northwest Access TV in the fall of 2014 and it airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week on Channel 15.

Our goal is to provide education about available NMC services and to help viewers become more informed consumers of health care. The show features NMC’s Jill Berry Bowen as host and she speaks with a variety of NMC staff and healthcare providers. Each conversational episode gives viewers a chance to hear health care issues discussed by members of our talented team, connecting you to the people who deliver your care. 
If you have a topic you would like us to discuss on the show, please contact Kate Laddison in our Community Relations office at 802-524-1239 or through email at [email protected]

May 2018: RiseVT in Local Schools

Superintendent of Schools Win Goodrich joins RiseVT’s Jessica Frost on this edition of Health Beat, talking with NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen about some of the work that RiseVT is doing in our local schools and all around our communities.

May 2018: Patient Surveys

NMC’s Director of Quality and Process Improvement Jodi Frei discusses Patient Surveys with NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen on this episode of Health Beat.

April 2018: Board of Directors

NMC’s CEO Jill Berry Bowen interviews Leon Berthiaume who is the President of NMC’s Board of Directors. Berthiaume is also the CEO of the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery located in St. Albans, VT.

April 3018: The CHIP Program

NMC’s CEO Jill Berry Bowen discusses the CHIP program with Registered Dietician Lindsay Hoar and Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine, Medical Director of both RiseVT and Lifestyle Medicine at NMC.

March 2018: Welcome Dr. Fingergut

CEO Jill Berry Bowen introduces Dr. Judy Fingergut to the community. Dr. Fingergut is the new Medical Director of Primary Care at NMC, and sees patients at both the Northwestern Primary Care and the Northwestern Georgia Health Center sites.

Feb 2018: Physical Therapy Techniques

Physical Therapists Sue Dodge and Lisa Long join NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen on this episode of Health Beat to talk about two techniques they use in their work: dry needling and the Graston Technique. Both are aimed at helping alleviate pain for patients through hands-on therapy.

Feb 2018: RiseVT at Healthy Hearts

As NMC’s annual Healthy Hearts event approaches in February, CEO Jill Berry Bowen sits down with RiseVT Project Manager Denise Smith and Vice President of Planning and Community Relations Jonathan Billings to discuss RiseVT’s presence in the 2018 event. The health fair offers RiseVT a chance to kick off an Active Play campaign and Governor Phil Scott will attend to support the campaign and congratulate RiseVT on the initiative’s statewide launch.

Jan. 2018: Veterans Sponsored Valet

NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen and Rear Admiral Warren Hamm discuss NMC’s Veterans Sponsored Valet program, how it got started, and what fund-raising events are coming up to support the program.

Jan. 2018: Ortho Nurse Navigation

Orthopaedic Nurse Navigator Leanne Medor talks with NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen about the care she provides to patients having a total joint replacement surgery. Leanne provides a consistent point of contact, education, and follow-up to all NMC’s joint replacement patients.

Dec. 2017: Drug Takeback Kiosk

Pharmacist John Chesarek talks with NMC CEO Jill Berry Bowen about a new collection receptacle at the hospital which community members can use as a place to dispose of unused or unwanted medication.
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