Construction Updates

New Inpatient Unit Addition Opens Soon

NMC’s expansion of its inpatient unit opens April 12, providing all private rooms for patients. The addition to the existing inpatient space sits directly behind the current wing, at the back of the campus.

The patient rooms in the new wing are larger and offer a dedicated area for family and visitors to connect with the patients. The design of the new space also offers many improvements and efficiencies for staff, as well as color-coded wayfinding elements for easy navigation.

Patients and visitors will access the new space through a corridor built along-side the existing building, allowing traffic to bypass the space under renovation.

The renovated space will open in the fall, bringing the entire Progressive Care Unit into action. This new term reflects the nature of the new space that delivers all levels of care to our patients. The former “intensive care unit” will be closed down at the end of the construction project, once all inpatient care is unified in the new and renovated spaces.

NMC is looking forward to this improvement in our facilities which offers even greater privacy, comfort and care.

For more information about NMC’s construction, call NMC’s Community Relations office at 524-1239.