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Asking Patience With Increased Waits & How You Can Reduce Waits

NMC continues to experience significant demands for patient care in the Emergency Department, the Progressive Care Unit and across the organization that are exacerbated by the impact of COVID on our community, our staff, and local nursing homes. This situation is unfolding in the same manner at hospitals across Vermont.

Even with the extraordinary efforts of our staff and providers, we are seeing increased waiting times across the organization, particularly for non-emergent care in the Emergency Department as well as in Urgent Care and the COVID Resource Center.  We ask for and appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation as our team works to meet the need, prioritizing based on medical necessity as well as pre-made appointments.

Here is what you can do to help reduce wait times:

  • Please use the Emergency Department for your emergency medical needs. Do not hesitate if you think you are having a medical emergency. Remember, same-day appointments are available for non-emergent care at most primary care offices and through Northwestern Urgent Care.




In these challenging times, kindness is welcomed. We appreciate your patience and ask for your understanding as we work to get to you in any of our patient care settings.