NMC Commentary

What were the results of the Union Vote at NMC?

Factually, on October 24, the majority of the eligible RNs at NMC voted not to be represented by a union.  101 RNs voted no, while 57 RNs voted yes. I feel that this is a strong statement from our nurses that they want to give NMC a chance. The union has seven days from the election in which to file objections if they wish to do so.  If no objections are filed with the NLRB the election will be certified.

Our goal has been to really listen to nurses and to continue with our commitment to making sustainable changes for ensuring the best possible care for our community.   In addition throughout this process we wanted to make sure that nurses had the factual information to make an informed decision and understood the importance of voting. We helped staff get answers to their questions by sharing the National Labor Relations Board’s book, providing fact sheets on key points, and making education available from a consulting RN with expertise in the National Labor Relations Act. I am very pleased that approximately 95% of the RNs who were eligible to vote exercised their right to vote by casting ballots in the election.

Now from the heart, this was a very humbling experience for me.  In meeting with nurses and many of our 900 employees one on one and various forums, it became clear to me that I have not fully understood the depths of concerns.  The union activity brought this to a heightened awareness. I am sorry that it got to this place and have expressed this to nurses and the whole NMC team.  I am grateful for a chance to get to a new place and want to ensure my full NMC team that moving forward that not only will they be heard; they will be involved in the solutions.   It is a new day at NMC.

As I said to our entire staff, medical staff, Board in my reflection on the election, we have an amazing NMC family. I am grateful for the opportunity we now have. We have been given a chance by our staff and it is not business as usual now that the election has happened.  It is time to put all our passion and energy into healing, renewal, and commitment to move forward with plans and actions that will bring this organization to a new day. I am sincere when I say we will ensure that all voices are heard and that all staff is engaged in the work on solutions.

Throughout this challenging internal discussion, we have all deeply appreciated the ongoing trust from our patients. Our focus on our shared mission of providing exceptional care for our community has never wavered. It is the common purpose that brings us all together and the foundation for how we will move forward as one team.

— Jill Berry Bowen, RN, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer