Is NMC Improving Parking and Traffic Safety on Campus?

Yes, we are. I read all patient survey feedback and parking, flow of traffic, and pedestrian safety are frequent requests for improvement. Now we are doing something about it! We are just beginning a significant project that will add parking in strategic locations while improving traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and way-finding on campus. This is one of the projects contained within NMC’s overall strategic  plan to best position NMC to continue to care for our community well into the future amidst the changes in healthcare.

The parking and traffic improvement project involves moving Crest Road to the east. Crest Road is the road which runs between NMC and the Doctors Office Common and wraps around behind the hospital, providing access to Cobblestone Health Commons. Crest Road will move to the east, closer to the Doctors Office Common. Parking will be added at the front of the hospital, on both sides of the “new” Crest Road.  This will provide a needed increase in parking spaces for patients and visitors. With the movement of the road to the east, parking will also be added adjacent to NMC’s Conference Center. The proximity of this parking will be a wonderful new convenience for community members attending meetings and educational sessions at NMC. You may notice that the relocation of the road will eliminate a few parking spaces at Doctors Office Common, but those spaces will be relocated within the new spaces and there will be the desired increase in overall parking.

This project is also designed to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Moving the road to the east will further separate that entrance to the hospital campus from the “crest” of Fairfield Street, so entering and exiting should be easier. Moving the road also creates greater separation from Crest Road and NMC’s loading dock, significantly decreasing the disruption and safety concerns relating to large trucks backing off the road into the loading docks. Creating a T-intersection towards the back of campus will allow for improved way-finding and slow traffic to improve pedestrian safety.

NMC’s team has worked closely with Cross Consulting Engineers, Dale Percy Construction, and other key partners on efficiency and minimizing disruption amidst the project. Access to NMC, the Doctors Office Common, and Cobblestone Health Commons will be maintained throughout the project, though there will be traffic flow changes at various times. As the work progresses over the coming months, sections will be cordoned off for work. Initially, there will be work at the west end of the front parking lots to allow for utility and storm water work which will impact some parking spots for a short time. Moving forward, the new road will be constructed parallel to the existing road, so access will be maintained with an active construction zone alongside traffic, separated by appropriate construction fencing. On certain days, one entrance into the Doctors Office Common will be involved in construction and access to offices will come by driving around those buildings from the other entrance. As access paths change for particular days for aspects of the project, there will be detour signage to help you find your way on campus.


As the road moves, many of the existing trees will have to be removed. These will be replaced with new trees as the project is completed. We have engaged an expert in the selection and positioning of our new trees to ensure the beauty of our campus is maintained and enhanced. We will also be shifting the location of our Healing Garden closer to the Doctors Office Common.

Our schedule calls for work to begin in April with completion in September. This is a much-needed and exciting enhancement that will improve access and safety for our patients, visitors, and staff. We greatly appreciate your patience with the unavoidable aspects of such construction such as traffic pattern changes, truck traffic, dust, and noise. We are working diligently to reduce disruption. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. You can reach out to me directly or Jonathan Billings, our Vice President of Planning & Community Relations, at 524-1044 or[email protected] Thank you for your patience with our improvement efforts!

— Jill Berry Bowen, NMC’s Chief Executive Officer