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NMC’s New Patient and Family Advisory Council Meets for the First Time

NMC recently formed a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) to assist the hospital in fostering an environment where patients, families, hospital staff and board work together to improve the quality and safety of care at NMC.

The new six-member council held its first meeting on August 22 and introduced the group to one another and to the hospital, updating the members on hospital’s vision for the future. The group includes people with a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds, and all have deep interest in participating in projects by giving the perspective of patients, families and community.

NMC is pleased to have launched the group as it is a key action in the hospital’s Quality Plan to strengthen communication and collaboration between patients, their families, providers and hospital staff.

“The feedback we will get from PFAC members will be a valuable part of the ongoing work at NMC on continuous improvement,” said Chief Medical and Quality Officer Dr. John Minadeo.

The first project discussed is a customizable admission kit for patients who may have longer-than-anticipated stays, either in the Emergency Department or as an inpatient. The kit would offer free items that would help combat boredom or noise, and generally make their stay more comfortable. The group suggested items to be included and will review a mock-up of a kit at a future meeting. The next session is scheduled for September 26.