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{Y}OUR tomorrow—greater access to quality care at lower costs from trusted local providers

We are honored to have been trusted to care for this community for over 137 years. We appreciate what it means to be a part of a close-knit community—the responsibilities and joys of positive outcomes matter to us. Our collective futures are braided together; your tomorrow is our tomorrow. And so, we at NMC are committed to {Y}OUR tomorrow, focusing on the many ways we can work together for a healthier future.

Exceptional surgery, right here, by providers who care about you

As part of {Y}OUR tomorrow, NMC goes beyond the warmth of caring you expect from a community hospital. We work to give you timely access to the experts and surgery you need, as well as keep surgery costs consistently below the state average while providing important financial assistance. That often means same week appointments at our surgical practices and same month or next month access for procedures. We do all this while keeping our surgical quality high, with rates of surgical site infection well below the national average.


What does this mean for you?

NMC's surgery infection rate is .23% compared to a 2-4% national average
Free parking for surgery at NMC versus up to $7 per day at surrounding hospitals
In just 3 visits for surgery related appointments, save an average of 5 hours travel time by choosing your local hospital.
In just 3 visits for surgery related appointments, save an average of 220 miles added to your car by choosing your local hospital.
NMC surgery price is 23% less than Vermont state average for a meniscus repair
Our orthopaedic surgeons have innovative ways to get you back in action in minimal time and offer opportunities to stay with a consistent care team throughout your entire treatment. Many of our surgeries, such as total joint replacement, knee repair and hand surgeries, are available within the month. As you explore your options, we hope you will find that our combination of respected surgeons, quality focus, commitment to access, and competitive pricing makes NMC the right choice for you. 

Learn more about orthopaedic surgery
NMC surgery price is 59% less for a colonoscopy and 17% less for gallbladder removal than Vermont state average for a meniscus repair
From colonoscopies to gall bladder surgery, our surgeons perform over 3,000 types of procedures. A majority of them are minimally invasive—which means that our surgeons make smaller incisions, allowing for quicker recovery times. For common surgeries such as gallbladders and hernias, we currently have same month surgeries available for scheduling. Quicker recovery times, lower surgery costs and easy access to our surgeons help you get back on your feet faster. 

Learn how Northwestern Associates in Surgery can help you
See all general surgeons in the area


NMC surgery price is 18% less than the Vermont state average for a tonsillectomy
Our specialized ENT physician offers treatment for a wide range of issues and conditions related to the ears, nose and throat. And, like our other surgical services, we are able to offer you timely surgeries, depending upon the surgery you need. Our ENT and Audiology team see patients of all ages and also offer the convenience of telemedicine to patients.

Learn how our ENTs can help you

*Based on surgical cases from January, 2020 through June, 2020
†Source data: https://www.healthvermont.gov/health-statistics-vital-records/health-care-systems-reporting/hospital-report-cards

It’s your right to make informed choices based on surgeon, quality, access, and costs.


Part of our commitment to our community: NMC’s prices are typically below state average.

This is of particular benefit to individuals with Health Savings Accounts, high deductible insurance plans, or other concerns regarding out-of-pocket expenses. If you have a question about the pricing of services or procedures, NMC’s Financial Services team is ready to help and provide estimates. 

Contact our Patient Financial Services at 802-524-1048 or [email protected]

NMC’s financial assistance programs help ensure access to care.

We recognize healthcare costs can be a burden. Our Financial Services team can walk you through our assistance options, including reducing the amount you owe or establishing payment plans. You may be surprised how much assistance you qualify for. This aligns with our efforts to help transform Vermont’s healthcare system and bring down those costs long term.

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