Coronavirus Information

NMC’s Ongoing Work on COVID-19 Plans 

NMC continues to work on many projects that address the current and future needs of our community as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.  

One of these was the establishment of an alternate care site at Collins-Perley Sports Complex to be prepared for the possibility of an overwhelming volume of patients. This site would be reserved for patients requiring minimum medical care. It is currently not operational, but the basic infrastructure is in place. This week, staff have continued to prep the space for potential use, developing workflows, discussing transportation needs and determining how the space would be staffed. The site was set up early, and NMC’s plans call for us to “surge” internally in well-planned phases before needing to expand out to an alternate care site.  

Many other projects are in place or underway, including:  

  • Curbside testing process now located in a space providing more space and greater capacity 
  • Mobile testing process to serve other healthcare organizations around our area 
  • Implemented symptom screening for NMC staff 
  • Established a dedicated phone line to help screen patients remotely, supporting practices who are getting inundated with calls 
  • Evolving our screening process for patients 
  • Eliminating nearly all visitation 
  • Setting up processes to accept generous donations from our community 
  • Offering more telehealth services to provide access to care to individuals in their own homes 
  • Rescheduling elective, non-essential visits that cannot be done via phone.  

As you can imagine, each project entails a vast amount of work from staff and collaboration with partners in our area and around the state.  

Thank you for your support as we work to meet the community’s needs in this ever-changing situation.