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Introducing NMC’s Patient and Family Advisory Council Members

NMC’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) met this week and got to see the hospital’s Learning Board methodology and experience a “Gemba walk” key components of NMC’s work focused on high reliability.

The new six-member council first met in August 22 and will continue to meet monthly. The establishment of the group is a key action in the hospital’s Quality Plan to strengthen communication and collaboration between patients, their families, providers and hospital staff.

PFAC members include:

  • Albin Voegele of St. Albans
  • Karrie Sweet of East Fairfield
  • Robyn Klein of Highgate Center
  • Winnie Wilkinson of St. Albans
  • Martha DesLauriers of St. Albans
  • Elizabeth Johnson of St. Albans

During the September meeting, the group reviewed draft website pages featuring quality data information, the process for distributing “admission kits” to make patient stays more comfortable, and reviewed a “two-bin” stocking system now in use on the Progressive Care Unit.