Home Health and NMC Close in Healthy Competition

Franklin County’s health care providers have just completed a month-long “healthy competition” to raise awareness about the importance of advance directives for people of all ages. Now that all the chips have been counted, Franklin County Home Health Agency’s employees almost tied with Northwestern Medical Center’s with 36% and 35% respectively completing their advance directives.

Overall, the partners – Franklin County Home Health Agency, Northwestern Medical Center, Northwest Counseling and Support Services, Northern Tier Centers for Healthcare, Franklin County Rehab Center, The Villa, Holiday House, St. Albans Office of the Vermont Department of Health, and St. Albans Health and Rehab Center – represent almost 2,000 Franklin County employees. Over the month, each organization held a series of educational events to teach their staff about advance directives. In the end, the overall average of advance directives was close to 30%. But most importantly, each employee who completed theirs, and those who started the process, have a better understanding of the importance of advance directives and are better prepared to help their patients and clients with end of life health care decisions.

This year, the partners took the competition wider by including family and friends. In addition to the almost 500 advance directives reported, almost 100 more counted “plus ones.”

To celebrate this successful campaign, Franklin County Home Health Agency will host a reception on May 18, 2-3 p.m. at their St. Albans office.