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Celebrating 20 Years of Run for Jim

Our community continues to provide the Jim Bashaw Foundation with overwhelming support. Over $635,000 has been donated in Jim’s memory over the past 20 years. This year’s contribution was a record breaking $37,165 with two events held in June! The Run for Jim was held at the Collins Perley Sports Complex on May 5 with strong participation raising $16,763. The second fundraising event was organized to commemorate the 20th year of the Run for Jim and fondly titled “20 Years of Hope.” This one-time auction event was held at the 14th Star Brewery and raised $20,401.

The Jim Bashaw Cancer and Catastrophic Illness Fund provides financial assistance to people in Franklin and Grand Isle counties who are struggling with cancer or a catastrophic illness.  Since its inception, the fund has distributed over 1100 grants totaling more than $598,000!  NMC is proud to partner in distributing these funds of hope.

Some examples of support requests include:

  • To pay for lodging and gas to be able to see a specialist out of state
  • To help get a patient’s car back on the road to get to their appointments
  • To provide a load of wood to get through the winter
  • To help pay monthly expenses while out on medical leave following double mastectomy surgery
  • To provide support for a senior on a on a fixed income when the cost of traveling to appointments makes it challenging to still have money for food at the end of the month
  • To plow a patient’s driveway so caregivers can pick her up to bring her to her appointments


Many thanks to the Run for Jim organizing committee

  • Shari Bashaw
  • Tony Treanor
  • Jeff Moreau
  • Michelle Dow
  • Dean Pelkey
  • Bill Considine
  • Kathy Considine
  • Jim Desnoyers
  • Mel Berthiaume
  • Martha Casavant Ries
  • Gwen Boudreau
  • Mike Mashtare
  • Nate Yandow
  • Ezra Bashaw
  • Isaac Bashaw
  • Lisa Bovat
  • And many same day volunteers


Thanks also to the 20 Years of Hope organizing committee

  • Shari Bashaw
  • Joanie McGinn
  • Gwen Boudreau
  • Melanie Berthiaume
  • Jennifer Callahan
  • Nicole Robtoy
  • Claudette Bostwick
  • Mary Brouillette
  • Amie Green
  • Cathy Moss
  • Lisa Bovat
  • Special emcee Kevin Smith
  • And many same day volunteers