Water Issue Update for February 25

As the City of St. Albans resolves the water situation, we are seeing rising water pressures at NMC, which is very encouraging. At this time, we continue to conserve water and resources to ensure the continuation of necessary care.

Certain elective procedures have been rescheduled and some departments and physician practices are operating using minimal staffing. If you have an appointment scheduled at NMC or any NMC practice, please contact your provider to determine its status.

NMC Emergency Department and Northwestern Urgent Care remain open. NMC also remains open to maternity patients delivering babies. Other inpatient admissions are being reviewed on a case by case basis at this time.

Due to our limited bathroom facilities, we are once again asking for only necessary visitation at this time.

We appreciate the hard work the City of St. Albans has done to address the problem, especially given our brutal temperatures. We also appreciate the patience of our community as we adapt to continue to provide appropriate care at NMC.