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Volunteer Bonnie Evans Retires From NMC Quilt Program

On Friday, January 14, NMC celebrated Bonnie Evans for her 14-year devotion to the Comfort Quilts program at the hospital. Bonnie gathered with her family and a small group of NMC’s Leadership to reflect on Bonnie’s creative support for patients, and to thank her for her service to the community.

Bonnie began making quilts for NMC patients in 2007. After the passing of her father in 2008, she became even more devoted to the program and increased the number of colorful quilts she made from the original 12 per year to 50, and then 80 quilts, annually.

Over the years, Bonnie created 1,268 quilts, donating more than 17,000 hours of her time to the cause. NMC supports the program by funding the cost of materials, but the time, hard work and dedication has all come from Bonnie.

In addition to providing “Comfort Care” quilts, Bonnie also made quilts for breast cancer survivors, for patients in the Emergency Department and to be used as raffles for hospital fund-raisers.

Bonnie was born and raised in St. Albans and lives in Swanton with her husband Mike. She has two daughters and seven grandchildren, many of whom attended her celebration held at the Bliss Auditorium.

NMC CEO Dr. Dean French thanked Bonnie for her work over the years and noted that the personal touch and compassionate care provided by the program is something he has not seen before in his long healthcare career. He was joined by Chief Nursing Officer Deanna Orfanidis, RN, Auxiliary President Joan Aher and Volunteer Services Manager Katherine Winchester who all offered their gratitude to this amazing volunteer, who will continue to help NMC as a volunteer greeter in the hospital building each week.