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Visitation at NMC Limited to 1 Person Per Patient Per Day

Visitation at Northwestern Medical Center continues to be limited to one visitor per patient per day.

This limit decreases the risk of transmission of illness by reducing the number of people coming in and out of the facility while still providing patients’ access to support and companionship. Once a visitor has checked in to a patient room on a day, no additional visitors for that patient will be allowed admittance that day. (Patients at end of life are an exception to this.)  Family and friends are asked to manage their visitation among themselves so no more than one visitor presents at NMC each day, as this allows the nurses, screeners, and registrars to focus on their patient care duties. Remote visitation via technology is encouraged.

For the safety of all, visitors are asked not to visit if they are feeling at all ill. Visitors must be masked at all times in the facility and if they do not have a surgical mask to wear while at NMC, one will be given to them. Thank you for your understanding of the need to do all we can to avoid the spread of illness within the hospital and our medical practices.