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Technical Issue Corrected that Caused “Out of Network” Insurance Issues

The company NMC partners with to provide interpretation and reading for imaging studies (vRad) had an issue recently that caused problems in proper billing of services for things like mammography.

A technical issue caused a problem that made it seem as though insurances would not cover services that should have been covered. This resulted in patients thinking that NMC’s diagnostic imaging services were “out of network” for certain insurances like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont.

When NMC learned of the issue and reached out to vRad, they investigated and found the issue, correcting it quickly once identified. vRad will be contacting affected patients to apologize for the errors and ensure they are corrected.

NMC wants to make sure that patients know that diagnostic imaging services are covered by most major insurances and if there are ever questions about coverage or insurance in general, you can contact our Patient Financial Services Department at 802-524-1048.