Parking Lot Change for NMC Emergency Department

Starting Monday, September 19, construction work will close the end of the traffic circle in the Emergency Department parking lot.

This closure is necessary to allow work to start on widening the roadway that connects the Emergency Department entrance with the front of campus.

Although that road around the front of the building was designed for two-way traffic, it has only been used for one-way traffic. Ambulances and other ED traffic have entered using this road and then exited by continuing on around the back of the building. The new roadway will allow for vehicles to travel in both directions.

The sidewalk near the NMC building will be moved closer to the hospital and the road widened to allow a safe flow of traffic around this corner.

The closure of this small portion of the Emergency Department lot will last approximately two months while construction crews tear out pavement, widen the road, back fill, construct new sidewalks and curbs and then pave.

Currently all Emergency Department traffic must enter campus on Crest Road and travel around the back of campus. Patients and visitors are reminded to drive slowly and carefully around campus, particularly near the ED and other high-traffic areas. With the ED traffic circle cut off for construction, driver will need to use even more care in that parking lot.

For more information about NMC’s construction, call NMC’s Community Relations office at 524-1239.