NMC CEO Honored with Crystal Heart Award

Northwestern Medical Center Jill Berry Bowen was honored at the American Heart Association’s annual Go Red for Women Luncheon on January 29 as the recipient of the Crystal Heart Award.

Dr. Elisabeth Fontaine, Medical Director of NMC’s Lifestyle Medicine Department introduced Bowen to the crowd of over 500 women (and a few brave men), who filled the room with a sea of red suits, dresses, sweaters and blouses.“The award celebrates the success and commitment of a local woman who has served as an advocate, a volunteer and a role model in improving the health of women in our community,” said Andrew Holman, Corporate events director at the American Heart Association. “The Crystal Heart honoree is one who has gone above and beyond in supporting the mission and goals of the Go Red For Women Movement.”

“Your energy and your enthusiasm are nearly unmatched and your vision for a healthier community is truly inspiring,” said Dr. Fontaine who highlighted Bowen’s service to the American Heart Association, the Community Committee on Healthy Lifestyles, Tim’s House, the Franklin Grand Isle United Way and the St. Albans Rotary.

Dr. Fontaine also noted that NMC and the Community Committee on Healthy Lifestyles, which Bowen co-chairs, recently earned a $400,000 grant to improve community health through its innovative new RISE VT program.

Franklin and Grand Isle Counties were well represented at the event, including 60 NMC attendees made up of staff, administration and the NMC Board of Directors.

During her remarks accepting the award, Bowen posed questions of her audience, and asked attendees to stand when their answer was affirmative. She also asked for stand-up participation in a contagious dance video. Her message to attendees encouraged them to make a commitment to a lifestyle change, to enjoy life, to laugh, and act more like children. She finished by paraphrasing a Japanese proverb. “Remember,” she said. “We may all fall seven times, but for our hearts, we must stand up eight.”

Jill Berry Bowen at Go Red for Women luncheon